The Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2014


With technology, artistry, and industry trends changing on a nearly monthly basis, each new year in video games proves that it’s nothing if not a fluid medium. Overblown controversies, divisive marketing strategies, worthwhile conversations, and extreme highs and lows are par for the course. 2014 was no different, but there’s no denying that several things […]

12,869,066 Players Have Experienced The Destiny Game


Bungie has released some end-of-year statistics for Destiny, and according to the developer, at least 12,869,066 players (and counting) “have picked up a controller and taken Destiny for a spin” since its release this year. Together, they’ve created 22,932,276 Guardians, and have spent 872,404,449 hours battling enemies. We’re also told that Atheon has been destroyed […]