Bungie: doesn’t plan on continuing loot system “mistakes” with future Destiny expansions


Bungie promises to take a different approach with Destiny’s loot system in upcoming expansions. Destiny developer Luke Smith said on NeoGAF that the studio will not repeat “mistakes we made with The Dark Below reward economy.” 2708274 destiny expansion+i huntercloak Bungie doesnt plan on continuing loot system mistakes with future Destiny expansions Now, Bungie doesn’t […]

Destiny: What Could it Bring? Crota’s End Hard Mode

Managing Your Inventory Currency Glimmer and Marks

News filtered through recently that Crota’s End, Destiny power leveling’s newest raid, will finally receive its hard mode difficulty this week. It’s arrival will give Guardians the chance to unlock a range of new weapons and other loot unavailable before, but comes with added challenges and a higher difficulty setting. We can assume the updated […]