‘The House of Wolves’ Release Date News From Destiny

Bungie, the creator of the first-person shooter game “Destiny,” announced during the San Francisco Game Development Conference that the game now has over 17 million registered users. According to the user research study that was presented, the average playing time of each user is pegged at three hours per day, which is higher than what […]

Destiny Share Bungie Teases Next Update Before House of Wolves DLC

The recent 1.1.1 update might still be fresh in Destiny power leveling minds, but Bungie is already moving on. They know that there are still areas that their successful shooter can improve and are actively working on ways to achieve those goals. In today’s Weekly Bungie Update, the developer wanted Destiny players to know that […]

Destiny Share Infinite Thrall Glitch Provides Easy Loot And Experience

Destiny players keep finding creative ways to farm new loot for their characters. Their latest trick, dubbed the “Infinite Thrall Glitch,” is one of the easiest tricks yet. Destiny power leveling your game makes it easier. To perform the Infinite Thrall glitch, you’ll need to head to Earth. Select the early story mission “The Dark Within” and head to the […]

Destiny: Synthesis of the next evening and heavy ammunition to strike date was a rumour

A little while ago, we brought you news regarding the inventory that the Agent of the Nine vendor Xur might possibly have available when he next made his rounds in the Tower. This however, has since been changed possibly indicating that Xur’s inventory was tampered with following the release of 1.1.1 patch which was launched […]

Destiny share how to solo Weekly Heroics again

Bungie thinks that they’re doing what their players want, but that couldn’t be further from the truth after Destiny’s last patch. The update removed the option to solo one of the games hardest recurring challenges, with tough players now having to partner up with random folk to take on Weekly Heroics. The good news is […]