All The NBA 2K17 Hall Of Fame Badges: How To Get These Badges

During this time, for many of fanatic players, they have already achieved some of the game’s tasks, like the badges. Nonetheless, regarding the peak goal, and the NBA 2K17 Hall of Fame badges, you needn’t to search too much, since there are some guide for you. If you want to get more NBA 2K17 latest news, you can keep it righ here on:


Most players already have the bronze and silver badges and have yet to attain the gold and NBA 2K17 Hall of Fame badges (except for a few who’s on the game 24/7 or figured an easy way in). If you just started playing the game and feel overwhelmed the Hall of Fame badges are easier to obtain than you think.

The trick is you just have to accomplish the steps needed to obtain a bronze badge. Once you have it, you can upgrade it to a silver and eventually, a gold badge by purchasing one using your Virtual Currency (VC) such as NBA 2K17 MT.

Once you’ve reached a gold status, you can then get its NBA 2K17 Hall of Fame badges or purple badge version by doing the following the same steps for the bronze badge. Since this is the highest-rated card, more work is required compared to the bronze badge. When you’ve completed the task, you will see a message saying, “Hall of Fame Badge earned.” Finally, you’ll see the purple badge on your screen.

For instance, let’s talk about the Flash Passer badges, if players want to acquire the badges, they have to do 50 flashy passes in one season, followed by, unlocking it will give you the bronze badges. What’s more, you can use corresponding virtual currency for each badges, in order to upgrade it to a silver and gold badge. In case you have a flashy passer gold badge, you can acquire 100 flashy passes in one season to get the hall of fame badge. Now that you can also easy to get cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.