“Destiny 2″ Is In Full Swing Production

The fate of the majority of players on the “Destiny 2″ have a new message, Bungie community manager DeeJ in an interview disclose their planning for the future.
Although not disclose specific development plans, but according DeeJ say, Bungie for “Destiny” very high expectations in the future, but also has done a careful planning. “We are on the” fate “This series has a 10-year plan, which is not a secret anymore, to be honest, this is all long period.”
DeeJ said, “I had seen some game design concepts and new weapons. Have to say, in a turn Bungie studio really is a very interesting thing, because we are always new content in the game was conceived the new regional ah or what new enemies. ”
For network games, you want to launch the biggest problem is the role of the former sequel deal with the legacy of the game, allowing the player to start over if that alone is bound to have a lot of people unhappy.
“Our view on this is that, players create characters in future also be able to follow their adventure together. If we pay attention to the players is how to treat their role in other games, we will be able to find out that the players their roles are and the kind of friendship, “DeeJ explained,” for my part, I liked that my character in “destiny” in. ”
Bungie is also making efforts to “Destiny 2″, I believe it will soon meet with the majority of players.If you need leveling, you can choose cheap Destiny Power Leveling.

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