Madden NFL 18 Is Hoping To Make Its Experience Even More Immersive

Madden 18 is the first release in the franchise’s history to use the Frostbite engine, one of the newest additions to is its story mode known as Longshot. Madden 18′s Longshot is the franchise like you’ve never seen it before. It was called this “the most innovative Madden we’ve done in well over a decade”.

Madden 18

Last year, Madden 17 introduced a simpler way to stop runs and passes called play counters. In franchise mode last year, Madden 17 introduced new “big moments” that shaped your player and your team’s future. And What’s new in this year? New this year is the Frostbite physics and visual engine that will power the next-gen Madden experience. You can also expect the return of Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise modes.

Titled Longshot, this is Madden NFL’s first-ever cinematic and playable story mode, according to EA. You play Devin Wade, a prospect who’s faded from the spotlight, as he fights through blood, sweat and tears to have his name called by the commissioner on Draft Day. In addition, Madden 18 is introducing three new play styles: Arcade, Simulation and Competitive, more details, keep an eye on U4GM to get more information through here.

Madden has been a football mainstay for decades, and the game is hoping to make its experience even more immersive. Madden Ultimate Team, where players build their own teams, will also make a comeback. One of the most popular modes in Madden, it is based around cards. When it comes to buying madden 18 coins, players first think of visiting U4GM.