Destiny Share Skip Confluxes in Vault of Glass Raid


Thanks to Isaac356 on the Destiny subreddit, a new strategy has been uncovered that lets players bypass the time-consuming Conflux section of Vault of Glass. Now, this isn’t a particularly challenging section, especially for level 32 Destiny players, Destiny power leveling make you upgrade more easy, but it does take a while to get through. […]

Destiny Share May See The Return Of Queen’s Wrath Bounties


“Destiny” may be looking at new bounties in the future, specifically some new Queen’s Wrath Bounties. This is if new unearthed information via data mining is to be believed. The new findings are courtesy of Redditor THConer. Inquisitr managed to spot the new findings, which hint at the possible return of the event once the […]

FIFA 15: Nightfall And Weekly Heroic Strike Reset


Bungie has once again reset the “Destiny” servers to provide gamers a fresh challenge for the week. The latest Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strike is The Summoning Pits, which takes place on the Moon and sees gamers going up against Hive Ogre; Phogoth the Untamed. The Nightfall changes things up a bit from last week […]

Destiny Share Must Deliver In Its ‘House of Wolves’ Expansion

Despite being all anyone could talk about in 2014, Destiny chatter has been relatively quiet so far this year. After the December release of The Dark Below, once that content was complete, all that was left was the eternal grind and periodic events like the Iron Banner. But now, we’re moving closer toward the spring […]

Next Week’s Weekly Heroic And Nightfall Strike Ahead Of Time From Destiny


As leaked by Reddit’s fabled Megamanexe4, next week’s Strike is ‘The Summoning Pits’, starring Phogoth, everyone’s favorite Ogre. Next week’s Destiny Nightfall will feature: Epic Nightfall Arc Burn Lightswitch Angry Having the Arc Burn in The Summoning Pits won’t be quite as bad as bad in the final fight with Phogoth, considering that the Ogre […]

Destiny: Vault space and Raid fixes


In its weekly blog update about Destiny Patch 1.1.2, Bungie has said that it will be addressing a number of player concerns in the future update, including more Vault space and Raid fixes, to further improve the game. Earlier this week, Bungie had released a hotfix patch to Destiny that was meant only for […]

House of Wolves DLC Might Arrive in May From Destiny

Bungie’s Destiny has become an unprecedented success for the company despite several issues that have arisen since launch. Given that many gamers expected a sprawling space epic, akin to Borderlands meets Halo, the low amount of content has been a major issue.  This was somewhat mitigated with The Dark Below expansion but for a $20 […]

Destiny: The players 16 minutes finish the Crota Raid

Bungie’s Destiny is notorious for its ridiculous player-driven challenges, such as soloing Raids or taking a Sparrow where no Sparrow should be allowed to go. With this in mind, a player undertook Destiny‘s latest Raid, Crota’s End, solo. While this is nothing new, the player managed to do it in an astonishing 16 minutes and […]