Activation of House of Wolves from Destiny


On Wednesday, Bungie released Destiny update 1.2.0, which took the game offline for a few hours and prepared it for House of Wolves later this month, but the changes didn’t go live yet. In their Weekly Update, Bungie revealed that update 1.2.0 goes live on May 12, while another update on May 19 will set […]

The latest teaser trailer for the second DLC instalment from Destiny


Rockstar has warned fans to update their password protection on their Social Club accounts to avoid them being hijacked. Fans have been reporting problems with accessing GTA 5 due to being locked out by people who have managed to steal their user details. However, Rockstar has also stressed that the Rockstar Social Club has not […]

Destiny 2 Release Date, News, and Rumors, Expansion House of Wolves


The popular game Destiny has had a lot of success with their initial release and their expansion of The Dark Below.  They will have another expansion this summer with House of Wolves, not to mention the high anticipation of Destiny 2.  Here is what we know of the release date, news, and rumors.  While word […]

Destiny Share Update Sees Raid Fixes, Strike Improvements and More


Bungie recently released some important details for the “Destiny” upcoming Patch 1.1.2. Slated to be released alongside the game’s upcoming second expansion, House of Wolves, the said update will see changes on raids, Destiny power leveling make you upgrade easy, strikes and improvements on player usage. As pointed out in the studio’s official update blog […]

Destiny: Vault space and Raid fixes


In its weekly blog update about Destiny Patch 1.1.2, Bungie has said that it will be addressing a number of player concerns in the future update, including more Vault space and Raid fixes, to further improve the game. Earlier this week, Bungie had released a hotfix patch to Destiny that was meant only for […]

Destiny: Iron Banner offers multiple buffs an Armour Shader


This week in Destiny marks the return of the fabled Iron Banner PvP playlist, which in turn brings with it a series of armour pieces and weapons that have Raid-level stats – a must-have for any player looking to expand their current inventory. What follows is a guide in order to avoid grinding your hours […]

Xur’s Location And Exotic Goods For Weekend Of March 13 From Destiny

Destiny players who need to keep their health up should check out the wares being sold by Xûr, Agent of the Nine, this weekend. The mysterious vendor has returned to the Tower, and PlayStation and Xbox owners can grab the Red Death Exotic Pulse Rifle. Those looking for Xûr should run straight ahead towards the […]

House of Wolves DLC Might Arrive in May From Destiny

Bungie’s Destiny has become an unprecedented success for the company despite several issues that have arisen since launch. Given that many gamers expected a sprawling space epic, akin to Borderlands meets Halo, the low amount of content has been a major issue.  This was somewhat mitigated with The Dark Below expansion but for a $20 […]