Fortnite Shadow Stones – Best to Use

Shadow Stones are the newest consumable items to arrive in Fortnite for Season 6. Just like the Hop Rocks from before, Shadow Stones are mysterious cubes that permit their user to temporarily obtain special powers. Among the list of weekly challenges for Season six requires employing Shadow Stones in distinctive matches, which implies that these strange fortnite items are right here to keep throughout the season. Within this guide, we’ll explain everything you may need to understand about the way to use Shadow Stones and what they do in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Shadow Stones - Best to Use

Shadow Stones are ordinarily found in corrupted locations of your map. Obtaining a Fortnite shadow stone is a single factor, but essentially working out the way to use it really is a further completely. If you consume certainly one of these strange purple glowing cubes, it’ll basically turn you almost invisible. The theory is that you happen to be being temporarily sent to some sort of Shadow Realm, but Epic Games hasn’t officially confirmed that however.

But, when you are all shadowy you are able to nevertheless move about the map, and basically phase by way of walls as well as other objects together with the press of a button. A potentially helpful tiny tactic for obtaining the jump on some unknowing opponents. The complete effect lasts to get a relatively lengthy 45 seconds, so you will get very far from these corrupted locations even though nevertheless practically invisible.

And I say practically, due to the fact other players can essentially nonetheless see you – a type of smoky purple outline of you anyway – and if they see you, they will shoot you. You can not use any weapons or products, or make anything, although you happen to be feeling the effects in the shadow stone, so you might potentially be a bit of a sitting duck. You’re also accompanied by some rather eerie music as you travel.

Nevertheless, if you are moving about although a shadow point, you are very difficult to see, so it could make to get a really interesting mechanic going forward in Fortnite season 6.