FIFA 20 Heading – Turn a defending situation into an attacking one

Winning FIFA 20 headers from opposition long balls/goal-kicks is a brilliant way to start a counter-attack for your team or even create a golden scoring opportunity. By using the method explained above, winning a header sends the ball back to the opposing goal or out towards the wing, depending on the pressure on your man. Fairly often if you have a striker with pace they can get on the end of these headers leaving you with a one-on-one with the goalkeeper. This has been cut down dramatically from earlier versions of the game with improvements to defender AI but it still provides you with a great opportunity to create a good chance to build an attack or take a shot from inside the opponents final 3rd.

Sometimes the ball will run through to the goalkeeper if you win a vast header, but that is better than them winning the header, and you end up in trouble on the edge of your area leaving your opponents with a good goal scoring chance.

Ordinarily, they are not worth the difficulty for causes which can be enough inside the lengthy run. When they’re helpful for players who may well know nothing concerning the game. For probably the most portion, they are learning tools for novices to ease them into the game. For far more FIFA 20 News and Guides, it is possible to visit

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