How about exotic sniper rifle Still Hunt in PVP?

The Silent Hunter Exotic Sniper Rifle has been making quite a splash in the Destiny 2 community with the release of the Final Shape DLC. With its unique benefits and good gameplay potential, this weapon has everyone’s attention. Before diving in, it’s important to understand the intricacies of this weapon. This guide will provide a comprehensive introduction to the Silent Hunter, including hours of PvP play, hundreds of kills, and extensive testing of its unique features.

How to Obtain the Still Hunt

To get your hands on the Still Hunt, you need to complete the new campaign and head to Cayde-6 in the Old Tower location in the Pale Heart. From there, grab the Exotic Quest and complete it alongside Cayde and Crow. This quest takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, and upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with the sniper rifle.

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Weapon Overview

The Still Hunt is a 90 RPM adaptive frame sniper rifle, similar to the Beloved and the Defiance of Yasmin. It boasts two main perks: Sharpshooter and Cage’s Retribution.

Sharpshooter Perk

  • Effect: This perk provides passive bonuses to target acquisition (aim assist), aim down sight speed, and flinch resistance. These bonuses are further enhanced when the weapon’s super mode is active.
  • Practical Use: While these bonuses sound incredible on paper, they don’t translate as effectively in gameplay. Despite the supposed benefits, the weapon still suffers from significant flinch and doesn’t provide a noticeable increase in aim assist. Cage’s Retribution Perk
  • Effect: By picking up orbs of power or landing precision hits, you can charge the weapon’s super bar. Once full, you can switch the firing mode to shoot golden gun shots, dealing massive damage.
  • Practical Use: Unfortunately, the super bar is currently bugged, often resetting progress without cause. Even when it functions correctly, achieving the required six headshot kills in PvP to charge the super bar is challenging due to recent nerfs to sniper aim assist and increased flinch. PvP Analysis

In PvP, the Still Hunt faces several challenges:

  • Super Bar Bug: The bug affecting the super bar is a major issue, causing frustration as progress resets unexpectedly.
  • High Skill Requirement: Achieving the required headshots to charge the super bar is difficult, and using the golden gun shots effectively is even harder.
  • Limited Impact: The weapon’s unique perks don’t significantly impact gameplay, making it less favorable compared to other legendary snipers.

Despite these issues, the Still Hunt remains a cool and visually appealing weapon. Successfully activating its golden gun shots in a PvP match can be a fun and satisfying achievement.

PvE Potential

While the Still Hunt struggles in PvP, it has some potential in PvE, especially for boss DPS when combined with the Celestial Nighthawk. However, the bug affecting the super bar can still be a problem.

The Still Hunt is a fascinating and stylish exotic sniper rifle that offers a unique gameplay experience. However, it is not currently a top-tier choice for competitive PvP. Its perks, while interesting, do not provide a significant advantage in the current meta. For those looking to dominate in PvP, other legendary snipers might be more reliable choices.

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