Guide to the Veiled Threat Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

The Veiled Threat is an unconventional Auto Rifle introduced in the new season of Destiny 2. This guide will break down its unique characteristics and provide tips on how to make the most out of it in both PvE and PvP scenarios.
To gain Veiled Threat your Guardian’s Power Level must be at least 1960. If your Power Level is not above 1960, you can buy a Power Boost.

The Veiled Threat is a Stasis rapid-fire frame Auto Rifle. It shares similarities with the Chroma Rush but deviates significantly in terms of perks and playstyle. You can buy Veiled Threat Unlock Service to get. Which helps you unlock the craftable version of the weapon by acquiring five deepsight Veiled Threat (red borders). This auto rifle is introduced in the Episode Echoes as a random Breach Executable activity drop.

Base Stats

  • Range: Slightly higher than the Chroma Rush
  • Stability: Slightly lower than the Chroma Rush
  • Handling: Good
  • Reload Speed: Good
  • Aim Assist: Mediocre
  • Recoil Direction: Abysmal at 45

Recoil Management
To manage the recoil, which is quite challenging, use Arrowhead Break to bring the recoil direction to 75. Avoid pushing it to 90, as it causes the weapon to pull sharply to the left.

Perk Pool

First Column Perks

  1. Threat Detector: Boosts reload, stability, and handling when enemies are close.
  2. Fragile Focus: Increases range when your shield is intact.
  3. Attrition Orbs: Not recommended.
  4. Shoot to Loot: Useful in PvE but limited by the weapon’s range.
  5. To the Pain: Not recommended.
  6. Loose Change: Increases aim assist, reload speed, and reduces ADS penalty for movement after applying an elemental debuff.
  7. Strategist: Grants stability after using your class ability and regenerates class ability energy on final blows. This is highly recommended for both PvE and PvP.

Second Column Perks

  1. Headstone: Spawns a Stasis crystal on precision kills. Ideal for Stasis builds.
  2. Desperate Measures: Increases damage after final blows, especially melee or grenade kills.
  3. Encore: Not suitable for this weapon.
  4. Surrounded: Decent for PvE ad clearing.
  5. Collective Action: Not recommended.
  6. Moving Target: Not ideal for this weapon.
  7. Gut Shot Straight: Increases body shot damage, useful due to the weapon’s recoil.

Recommended Perks

  • First Column: Strategist (primary), Loose Change (secondary)
  • Second Column: Headstone

Origin Trait
Radial Area Transposer: Rapid final blows create pools of damaging Radiolarian fluid. This trait is particularly effective for ad clearing in PvE and can trigger on double kills in PvP.

Crafting Recommendations

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Break
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds
  • Masterwork: Stability
  • Perks: Enhanced Strategist, Enhanced Headstone

PvE Performance
The Veiled Threat excels in ad clearing, particularly in endgame content such as the new Salvations Edge raid. Pair it with Renewal Grasps for slowing dodges and ad control, and use the artifacts mod, Creeping Chill, for additional slowing explosions. This creates a powerful loop of control and damage resistance, making it highly effective in chaotic situations.

PvP Performance
This weapon shines as a close-quarters brawler rather than a long-range dueler. Utilize stasis abilities to slow and freeze enemies, creating opportunities for high-damage engagements. The weapon’s large size can obstruct vision, so be mindful of your surroundings and use strategic positioning to your advantage.

The Veiled Threat demands a thoughtful approach to building your loadout. It isn’t a straightforward dueling weapon but offers significant rewards for players who build around its unique strengths. Experiment with different builds and have fun with its unconventional playstyle.