Fallout 76 Heavy Tank Guide: Heavy Weapons & Armor

In the wasteland world of Fallout 76, the Heavy Tank BD Guide provides the best strategy for using heavy weapons to inflict massive damage while relying on power armor for great protection. By choosing SPECIAL attributes and core Perk cards wisely and pairing them with efficient weapon and armor modifications, this BD allows players to be virtually invincible in battle. Whether you’re facing fierce enemy attacks or exploring dangerous nuclear blast zones to gather key resources such as the stable crimson flux, this guide will provide you with comprehensive build options and practical tips to help you be invincible in the wasteland.Use the discount code “hedy8” at U4GM to enjoy discounts and save more!

SPECIAL Attribute Selection

In Fallout 76, each attribute point not only allows you to equip more cards, but also provides additional passive bonuses. This BD set focuses on the following three attribute values: Strength, Intelligence, and Luck. If you need to boost these attributes quickly, you can also consider buy fallout bottle caps to purchase related items and resources to optimize your BD build faster.

  • Strength: affects your loadout and the amount of damage done by all melee attacks.
  • Intelligence: affects the ability to hack terminals, the state and durability of crafted items, and the return on disassembly.
  • Luck: affects VATS Strike chance and the status and durability of loot.

While the passives of these attributes have limited damage gain for BD, it is the Perk cards within the attribute values that we primarily need to utilize.

Power Armor Basics

Power Armor consists of 7 parts: skeleton, torso, helmet, left arm, right arm, left leg and right leg. Different classes of Power Armor have different requirements for use of the class. Here are a few common types of power armor:

  • Predator Power Armor: minimum level 15, basic armor.
  • Excavator Power Armor: minimum level 25, full set of armor adds 100 weight.
  • T-45 Power Armor: minimum level 25.
  • T-51b Power Armor: minimum level 30.
  • T-60 Power Armor: minimum level 40.
  • Radiant Polar Lucite Power Armor: minimum level 50, strongest damage resistance.
  • X-01 Power Armor: minimum level 50, strongest energy resistance and high radiation resistance.

Each power armor requires a fusion core to power it, with energy consumption coming primarily from attacking, being attacked, and sprinting. When the fusion core reaches 0, the player will fall into an overloaded walking state. 50 levels later, you can use the “Power User” Perk Card to reduce the consumption of the fusion core.

Core Perk Card Recommendations


  • Heavy Gunner (Level 30): +20% damage from non-explosive heavy firearms. 3 levels.
  • Bear Arm Wielder (Level 35): 90% weight reduction on heavy firearms. 3 must be filled.
  • Pellet Cocking (Level 37): Heavy firearm reload speed is increased by 30%. 3-level point full.
  • Expert Heavy Firearms Shooter (level 40): +20% damage to non-explosive heavy firearms. 3 levels required.
  • Master Heavy Gunslinger (level 50): +20% damage from non-explosive heavy firearms. 3 levels must be filled.


  • Stabilization (Level 36): Heavy firearms accuracy is increased while wearing power armor, and ignores 45% of the target’s armor. 3 levels must be filled.
  • POWER MASTER (Level 41): crafts advanced power armor modifications with reduced material consumption and increased power armor durability. 3 levels to full.
  • Power Armor Tinkerer (level 44): reduces the speed of damage to power armor by 60% and costs less to repair. 3 levels.
  • Mobile Energy (level 49): power armor and racks weigh 75% less. 3 levels.
  • Power User (Level 50): Fusion core lasts twice as long. 3 levels.


  • One Shot (Level 31): Heavy guns have a 12% chance of causing imbalance and maiming. 3 levels to full.
  • Mess (Level 42): 15% extra damage gives enemies a chance to be blown to bits. 3 levels.

Weapon selection

Ideal weapon choices include light machine guns, Gatling, and .50 machine guns. The following are recommended legendary weapon effects:

  • Double Shot: attacks fire additional projectiles.
  • Rage: damage is increased when attacking the same target in succession.
  • Mutant: 10% damage increase when a mutation effect is on your body.
  • Quatermass: Magazine capacity is quadrupled.
  • Vampire’s: Heals you when hitting an enemy.

Power Armor Options

When you are not fully leveled, wear the highest level of power armor you can find, but when you are fully leveled, we recommend the X-01 power armor, which has high radiation resistance and is suitable for fighting in nuclear blast zones, and the Ryukite armor, which is difficult to obtain but provides the most damage resistance.

Even if you don’t have enough levels to equip a full set of power armor, please wear a skeleton first to provide basic damage resistance and weight bearing. Solvents dropped from nuclear blast zones are important materials for crafting fusion cores, so be sure to collect them when exploring.With the guidance in this article, you will be able to build a powerful Heavy Tank BD in Fallout 76 that will make you unbeatable in the game.