Fallout 76 Heavy Tank Guide: Heavy Weapons & Armor

In the wasteland world of Fallout 76, the Heavy Tank BD Guide provides the best strategy for using heavy weapons to inflict massive damage while relying on power armor for great protection. By choosing SPECIAL attributes and core Perk cards wisely and pairing them with efficient weapon and armor modifications, this BD allows players to be virtually invincible in battle. Whether you’re facing fierce enemy attacks or exploring dangerous nuclear blast zones to gather key resources such as the stable crimson flux, this guide will provide you with comprehensive build options and practical tips to help you be invincible in the wasteland.Use the discount code “hedy8” at U4GM to enjoy discounts and save more!

SPECIAL Attribute Selection

In Fallout 76, each attribute point not only allows you to equip more cards, but also provides additional passive bonuses. This BD set focuses on the following three attribute values: Strength, Intelligence, and Luck. If you need to boost these attributes quickly, you can also consider buy fallout bottle caps to purchase related items and resources to optimize your BD build faster.

  • Strength: affects your loadout and the amount of damage done by all melee attacks.
  • Intelligence: affects the ability to hack terminals, the state and durability of crafted items, and the return on disassembly.
  • Luck: affects VATS Strike chance and the status and durability of loot.

While the passives of these attributes have limited damage gain for BD, it is the Perk cards within the attribute values that we primarily need to utilize.

Power Armor Basics

Power Armor consists of 7 parts: skeleton, torso, helmet, left arm, right arm, left leg and right leg. Different classes of Power Armor have different requirements for use of the class. Here are a few common types of power armor:

  • Predator Power Armor: minimum level 15, basic armor.
  • Excavator Power Armor: minimum level 25, full set of armor adds 100 weight.
  • T-45 Power Armor: minimum level 25.
  • T-51b Power Armor: minimum level 30.
  • T-60 Power Armor: minimum level 40.
  • Radiant Polar Lucite Power Armor: minimum level 50, strongest damage resistance.
  • X-01 Power Armor: minimum level 50, strongest energy resistance and high radiation resistance.

Each power armor requires a fusion core to power it, with energy consumption coming primarily from attacking, being attacked, and sprinting. When the fusion core reaches 0, the player will fall into an overloaded walking state. 50 levels later, you can use the “Power User” Perk Card to reduce the consumption of the fusion core.

Core Perk Card Recommendations


  • Heavy Gunner (Level 30): +20% damage from non-explosive heavy firearms. 3 levels.
  • Bear Arm Wielder (Level 35): 90% weight reduction on heavy firearms. 3 must be filled.
  • Pellet Cocking (Level 37): Heavy firearm reload speed is increased by 30%. 3-level point full.
  • Expert Heavy Firearms Shooter (level 40): +20% damage to non-explosive heavy firearms. 3 levels required.
  • Master Heavy Gunslinger (level 50): +20% damage from non-explosive heavy firearms. 3 levels must be filled.


  • Stabilization (Level 36): Heavy firearms accuracy is increased while wearing power armor, and ignores 45% of the target’s armor. 3 levels must be filled.
  • POWER MASTER (Level 41): crafts advanced power armor modifications with reduced material consumption and increased power armor durability. 3 levels to full.
  • Power Armor Tinkerer (level 44): reduces the speed of damage to power armor by 60% and costs less to repair. 3 levels.
  • Mobile Energy (level 49): power armor and racks weigh 75% less. 3 levels.
  • Power User (Level 50): Fusion core lasts twice as long. 3 levels.


  • One Shot (Level 31): Heavy guns have a 12% chance of causing imbalance and maiming. 3 levels to full.
  • Mess (Level 42): 15% extra damage gives enemies a chance to be blown to bits. 3 levels.

Weapon selection

Ideal weapon choices include light machine guns, Gatling, and .50 machine guns. The following are recommended legendary weapon effects:

  • Double Shot: attacks fire additional projectiles.
  • Rage: damage is increased when attacking the same target in succession.
  • Mutant: 10% damage increase when a mutation effect is on your body.
  • Quatermass: Magazine capacity is quadrupled.
  • Vampire’s: Heals you when hitting an enemy.

Power Armor Options

When you are not fully leveled, wear the highest level of power armor you can find, but when you are fully leveled, we recommend the X-01 power armor, which has high radiation resistance and is suitable for fighting in nuclear blast zones, and the Ryukite armor, which is difficult to obtain but provides the most damage resistance.

Even if you don’t have enough levels to equip a full set of power armor, please wear a skeleton first to provide basic damage resistance and weight bearing. Solvents dropped from nuclear blast zones are important materials for crafting fusion cores, so be sure to collect them when exploring.With the guidance in this article, you will be able to build a powerful Heavy Tank BD in Fallout 76 that will make you unbeatable in the game.

What famous extra cards would advantageously muscle building supplement a blood-soaked shotgun build in Fallout 76?

FO76 builds are mosting likely to be a little harder to put together than in previous Fallout video games. You'll require to depend on a degree of RNG to get the appropriate Perk Cards to make your personality build help beginners. Still, most clothing in FO76 will not give you with any type of stat improves aside from protection, making it a lot more tough to modify qualities like Personal appeal and also Agility. So, to aid you get the most effective possible start in FO76, we have actually built 8 of our own FO76 builds, ranging from truly useful to goofy courses that utilize chems, alcohol, and also mutations.

We have actually got plenty much more FO76 aid to supply while you're right here, from a guide to all Public Workshop locations to some tips for establishing your FO76 C.A.M.P. Obviously, if you want a checklist of all FO76 Perk Cards so you can proceed with preparing your own builds, then we have actually got that too. All you require for any type of weapon to be effective is the ninja/covert ops plus sneak. Get those very first, then build around each class of weapon as you level up. You can exchange melee for a shotgun when ammunition develops.
Advantages and also S.P.E.C.I.A.L characteristics have actually been allocated to guarantee you deal heaps of damage with rifles, can surviving in rough problems, and also can loot to your heart's material.
The majority of the points and also advantages have actually been allocated to Assumption and also Agility, as these are where you can actually make best use of non-automatic rifle damage and also sneak attack bonuses. Every sniper must have a back-up, though, so we have actually also taken advantage of both shotgun-buffing advantages in the Stamina area– Shotgunner to get an extra 20% damage and also Scattershot, so they consider less and also reload faster.
This is by no suggests an reliable build, with most of the advantages devoted to the class's style and also the quest of enjoyable rather than the most effective possible damage output and also protection.
The partier build is all about disorder, which is why we have actually chosen to stack the majority of the damage-based advantages into rubbing shotguns and also explosives. In between the different Shotgunner advantages and also Demolition Professional, you'll be able to dish out lots of damage whether you're wielding a double-barrel shotgun or a Molotov.
The Support Do not also consider running this build unless you're with a group of coordinated players. Or else, most of the advantages will be going to waste, and also you'll find yourself unable to go down most adversaries you come across.
Stamina is still the major focus right here, however we have actually gone with the completely rated up variations of all 3 Slugger advantages to guarantee as much two-handed melee weapon damage as possible.
With all of these advantages integrated, ammunition, explosives, food and also beverage, meds, and also scrap are lighter.
Various other advantages will aid you loot much more ammunition, food products, and also meds from containers, ensuring your inventory is as bloated as possible.

Personal appeal is where we have actually allocated the majority of our points, as every perk in this category will make you a extra capable therapist. For example, Team Medic is essential as it allows you to recover your entire group without often tending to them independently. E.M.T. and also Healing Hands indicate the players you revitalize will be fit for battle with no rads and also high health and wellness regen for a brief period. We have actually also outfitted Bodyguards to guarantee you will not require consistent clinical interest between helping your other Safe 76 residents.

Fallout 76 Caps

Good luck is a surprisingly useful characteristic for this class, particularly as a result of the new Mysterious Saviour perk that can arbitrarily revitalize you. Pharma Farma and also Dry Nurse will maintain your supplies of heals and also chems fairly high, while Starched Genes and also Class Freak will aid you make one of the most out of essential Anomalies for this class like Healing Aspect, Scaly Skin, Grounded, and also Empath.

You need to continue to be simply behind your group to play this class, to dispensing damage via either sniper, explosives, or heavy weapons to play this class. Recover regularly and also prepare to get in the battle royal to revitalize a buddy prior to pulling back to security. Out of combat, you can crowd equipment for your buddies, offered they trust you with it.

It primarily depends upon what web page you intend to purchase FO76 Container Caps. When you look for FO76 Caps on Google, you'll find numerous third-party game solution websites within the outcomes. It must be noted that a few of these internet sites are secure, and also they may be devoted to offering one of the most effective solution to customers. But you'll also discover some websites that use inexpensive costs to draw in individuals and also cheat them. In case you discover it as well tricky to compare legal and also prohibited internet sites, I have a wonderful suggestion to directly have a look at the homepage of Site.

Fallout 76 QuakeCon panel: All we learned

It is a lot to take in.
At QuakeCon over this previous weekend, Bethesda Game Studios held a Q&A panel about their upcoming release Fallout 76. With thousands of fans in the audience Chris Meyer (development director), Jeff Gardiner (project lead), and Todd Howard (game director) revealed some more details related to their highly anticipated online game. Here are some key points.

Where did everybody go?
NPCs are replaced by other players. The big difference compared to other games they’ve done is that “every character you see is a real human that is playing the game, and that creates some really exciting scenarios that we never can anticipate.”Todd Howard from Bethesda has stated that the currency used to buy FO76 items are going to be earnable in-game or purchasable from genuine money.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines confirmed non-human characters like robots will still roam the world (and they won’t be controlled by other players).

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
Fallout 76 will be using the Quake 3 networking architecture. The 20-year-old game code has been used in dozens and dozens of video games more than the years, and still seems to be kicking around.

Polaroid picture
Photo mode has been added to the game and it will allow you to change the field of view, zoom in and out, apply filters, change expressions and poses, add frames, and more. At the start of the game, you’ll be able to take a picture for your ID badge.

When you first leave vault 76 and level up you’ll be able to pick an S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck) that you want to increase. Once you pick the one that you want to increase you can then select a perk in that S.P.E.C.I.A.L. These perks are like collectible cards, which you can continue to level up and combine with other cards to build out your character. There will be hundreds of cards to choose from within the game.

Gotta collect ’em all

Fallout 76 Cards

Perk card packs will contain random cards which will give you some flexibility in choosing your perk build. You can swap out perks at any time, so this allows you to experiment with cards that you might not have normally picked. These card packs also come with a short-printed joke and a stick of gum – which can reduce your hunger for a while if you eat it. Yum!

Talk the talk
If this is a multiplayer game then how does charisma work? Players that invest in charisma points will allow their team to become more powerful, however, there are still cards in the pool which will benefit you if you intend to play just solo.

Player versus Player
In PVP when you shoot someone else you don’t do full damage to them unless the other person shoots back at you. There is a bottle cap reward based on the other players level if that person is killed. If you are killed by someone you are able to seek revenge which the game will give you double the reward once you complete the task.

If you decide not to engage with other players, they will still have the ability to kill you through the chip damage. This will then mark that player as a wanted murderer – they will get no reward for doing this in the form of bottle caps or experience. Once marked as a murderer everyone will see them as a red star on the map and they will have a bounty on their head, which the price will come out of their own pocket.

Leave me alone
You are able to ignore and block players from the game session so that if you die that player cannot see you on the map anymore – it will make it harder for them to come to find you again. There will also be a pacifist flag option that will make sure you do not cause damage to other players which will trigger the PVP mode.

You will be able to blueprint your bases so that if they get destroyed by other players, you will quickly be able to rebuild it. It also allows for you to move your base to another location on the map easily if you find somewhere else that you like.


Communication is a key part of Fallout 76. Players will not only be able to talk to players in their group, but also strangers around them – which is proximity voice chat.

V.A.T.S. this all about?
V.A.T.S. (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) is now real-time and the percentage of hit chance will be based on your perception. Not only can it be used to target enemies, but it can be used to also find them within the environment if you don’t know where they are.

Music to my ears
Fallout 76 will have licensed music and it will contain more tracks than the previous games in the Fallout series.

Servers and mods
Private servers and modding the game is something that Bethesda Game Studios is working on. It is a complicated problem which they need to solve, but they are 100% committed to solving it. https://www.u4gm.com/fallout-76-items