Horns Of The Reach: User Review Of TESO

The next DLC for TESO, Horns of the Reach, will be released on PC and Mac on August 14, 2017 (and on August 29, 2017 on XBox One and Playstation 4). But is it worth its price?

As Matt Firor said at the beginning of the year, the third addition of the year will now be a Dungeon DLC. The next DLC, Horns of the Reach, brings two new dungeons in Nordic style, as well as some minor additions (such as battlegrounds). Do these additions justify its price?


The first dungeon added is called the Bloodroot Forge. It will lead you to investigate the fate of the minotaur and crevasse prisoners who terrorize the region, while discovering the secrets of the Bloodroot Forge. You will quickly discover that the Nirncrux has changed both the environments and the creatures you will face.

The bestiary will be enriched, whether by modified creatures (such as magical creatures imbued with Nirncrux), new enemies (eg Nirnblooded beasts), or old enemies with new skills, Sometimes similar to those of the players, with some modifications.

It also adds new mechanics, which will involve observing the environment and the events triggering it, in order to be able to use them efficiently, especially during Earthgore Amalgam boss fights (to use it to interrupt the end boss dungeon will be particularly useful). In short, running headlong without coordinating and watching what happens will be even more dangerous than usual!

The second dungeon donated by this DLC is called the Falkreath Hold. You will find the city that Skyrim players know well, but it will be here much more developed. The ambiance will be neat to give the players a real sense of seating, both by the graphic effects and the effects on the environment; It is up to you to use it to help you in your struggles and help save the city.


Here again, your main opponents will be the crevassais and the minotaurs, accompanied by warlords and giant beasts. You will be able to use the noticed events as you explore the dungeon dungeon, especially against Domihaus the Bloody-Horned, the end boss of this dungeon.

Each dungeon will offer three new sets of armor (light, medium and heavy); Each of the bosses will drop one of these pieces randomly. You can also get two sets of monster mask with indomitable quests (again, one set for each dungeon). Finishing them in normal for the first time will offer you a unique trophy, and in Veteran, a bust. In addition, finishing them in Veteran mode will grant you two personalization elements (a hat for the Bloodroot Forge and an appearance for the Falkreath Hold), which you can proudly wear at the same time if you got them.

Finally, completing the two Veteran difficulty dungeons will allow you to buy Hakkvild’s High Hall home with gold. If you decide to buy it in crowns in the Crown Store, this condition will not be necessary (it is part of the principle of buying houses in crowns, but, in this case, I find it a little shame).

Another important addition to this patch is dedicated to the Battlegrounds, with a new game mode and a new map.

The new game mode, playable on the (now) four cards is Chaosball. The goal of this one is to take and keep Chaosball, which will bring points to your team; The first team to reach five hundred points or those with the most points after fifteen minutes will win the game. Keeping Chaosball is not easy, because in addition to the other team’s attacks (note that even with Chaosball you can defend yourself and use your skills), the wearer will suffer damage as well as the others Players of his team close to him and they will receive a debuff diminishing the care and power of the magic shields. It will also be impossible to pass the Chaosball to the other players or to let go. The goal of this game mode is to offer shorter and frenetic games than other battleground modes of play.


A new map, the Arcane University, has been added to the other three, and will be available for all modes of play. In the Imperial City setting, this map, slightly larger than the others, Fighting in outdoor as well as indoors and on several floors. Portals will move from one point to another quickly, but when they turn red, they will apply a debuff, the “Mark of the Worm”, which will blow you up shortly after; Affecting all the players in the radius of its explosion, it can equally well penalize your teammates and be effective against your enemies. The scenery will also make it possible, using the right skills, to take unexpected paths, putting you out of the reach of an enemy… Or to join him without expecting it!

Note that to take advantage of additions to the battleground, you will have to buy the Morrowind extension and own Horns of the Reach (by buying or subscribing); Requesting the purchase of an extension and buying a DLC (or subscription to ESOPlus) to access new content is quite debatable…

The basic game will, as usual, be entitled to a free patch that will include some additional interface elements.

We can note, for example, the customization of combat cues, and more interesting, the possibility of depositing the Assignats and the Alliance Points in bank, to share them between his characters.

On the guild side, the guild invite history is available (and is apparently retroactive) and it is possible to hide the balance of the guild bank at certain ranks.

Finally, concerning crafting, it will now be possible to cancel a search (but the object will remain lost), and one can improve his clothes without undressing.

These additions seem rather minor, but, having been highlighted on the official website, there is no doubt that this will meet the expectations of some of the players!

Of course, many fixes will be made to the game and some items, such as new furniture, for example, will be added. Three new motifs (Hlaalu, Telvanni and Redoran) will be available by pocketing and searching the Thieves Guild’s chests (in both cases only on Vvardenfell). Finally, the Champions Points cap will be increased by thirty points.

Since the price has not been announced, it is difficult to give an opinion on this. If it is one thousand five hundred crowns, like the previous “DLC of dungeons”, it will be a little too expensive for what it brings (even if these dungeons add interesting mechanics), unless you particularly appreciate The TESO dungeons. More generally, if dungeons are not a major part of your gaming experience, a prize above one thousand crowns would be exaggerated. The additions to the Battlefields are interesting, but, requiring the purchase of Morrowind in addition, they are not addressed to all players likely to buy Horns of the Reach or subscribing to the game.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Upgrading Update Introduced More News

The Elder Scrolls Online will soon be expanded to include another expansion. Its premiere will be accompanied by an update, which will introduce some useful functions to the game.

The Elder Scrolls Online will soon receive a new extension entitled Horns of the Reach. Fans can count on two new dungeons, another map to PvP modes and a number of new features. On the same day, the whole game will be updated and fresh features will be available. Some of them will make playing with the game even more enjoyable.


The Elder Scrolls Online as part of the new update will allow you to personalize your combat. This is all information popping up during a duel. We will be able to freely modify the colors of the notifications and change their brightness or transparency.

We also see a place to store Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers. Slowly it is to share these currencies with other characters in our account. Just go to the bank.

Guild Rank

Delicate improvements will also hit the guild system. Players will be able to look into the history of invitations. Thanks to this, guild rulers will be able to easily find out who invited the user. The Guildmaster will also be given the opportunity to confer new privileges. It is here to decide which member of the organization can look at the funds of the guild bank.

The change will also go to the equipped system. It will be possible to improve our armor without removing them from our body.

The new update and Horns of the Reach add-on will hit the game on August 15th. The extension will be available for free to ESO Plus subscribers. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our ESO articles here on ESO-GOLD!

TESO Will Release Horns Of The Reach On August 14

Developers The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG reported on their Twitter page that the release of DLC Horns of the Reach on PC should be expected on August 14, and on consoles – on August 29. And for this addition, people will have to pay 1500 crowns.

Horns of the Reach

You will visit two new dungeons – Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. The first instance is an abandoned smithy, in which, according to rumors, you can create a powerful weapon. And in the second – you and your comrades-in-arms visit the fortress, which is under siege. In addition, the brave heroes will have the opportunity to destroy new creatures, get new sets of items and earn new achievements.

It is also worth waiting for the appearance of new PvP content. A new map will be added for the battles of 4v4v4 – Arcane University. And Chaosball mode becomes available, in which you need to hold a certain object to earn points (if this kind of “ball” is in your hands, then you cripple yourself and your allies, and impose a debuff on friends). Remeber that stay tuned at www.eso-gold.com for more latest ESO news.

TESO: Morrowind – What’s The Right Class For You

Like every MMORPG, Bethesda’s, The Elder Scrolls Online, has classes through which gamers can adopt different ways of approaching battles and having different skills. In addition to what was already the main game, the brand-new expansion of the title released a few days ago, titled The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, adds another class by increasing the options offered to players.

Each class has three skills, which break into many abilities. These abilities are divided into active abilities, activated by a key to which we have assigned them, passive abilities that are passive, that is, they are constantly activated and ultimate, which is an overly powerful force.


But what’s the right class for you? Do you want a magician who will attack from afar with powerful fire balls or a character that has a sword and comes in direct contact with the enemy? See the classes and some suggested combinations below and decide!


Dragonknight are characters who specialize in martial arts and come in direct contact with their enemies as they rely on their traditions. Apart from this, they can practice magic, which changes the environment around them.


Which breed is best matched:

Since we are talking about a martial arts class, we would say that it suits the Orc breed, since it is a good combination for PvP, with the breed offering a bonus on heavy armor, life, replenishing life, Healing it accepts, in melee attacks (ie attacks by which the character comes in direct contact with the enemy) and others.

In addition to a powerful PvP player, a Dragonknight does a good combination with the Nord race, creating an ideal tank, a character that can withstand enough damage as long as its allies do the most damage to the enemy. The breed offers a two-handed gun bonus, a longer duration for filter effects, inrush resistance, extra basic life, extra life replenishment, cold resistance and extra stamina.


As is understood by the name of this class, the class of Sorcerer is a magic class. Matching player statistics means he must have increased Magicka to be strong. A Sorcerer can make catastrophic spells with lightning strikes and live dark magic with which he can immobilize his enemies and invite followers from Oblivion to help him.


Which breed is best matched:

Before we mentioned that a Sorcerer is based on his Magicka, so we automatically look at the races that offer the various magic bonus. A good combination is with Breton’s breed. So the character will have a bonus on: Magicka, replenishing the magicka to perform the various spells, light armor and resistance to other spells. With these bonuses, the player is good enough to be used as a healer and / or tank.

If you want to play with a wizard who will do a lot of damage to his opponents, then it would be good to come from the High Elf race. This particular breed offers a bonus for destructive spells with increased damage, quicker magicca return, extra Magicka and increased experience points for faster level up.


Nightblade class characters specialize in stealth. This means they can approach an enemy without realizing it and have an advantage for the first move and more generally in the battle. The weapons they use are blades for which they have a bonus, and they have a higher speed than other classes.


Which breed is best matched:

A good combination for Nightblade class characters is the one with the Argonian breed. This breed gives bonus healing, extra heal when you receive it from others, resistance to poison, bonus on filters used, extra life and magicka. All of this, combined with the characteristics of the class, make up a good enough tank that can handle large numbers of enemies.

If you still want a character for Trials (PvE) and PvP, a Nightblade from Khajiit is a one-way street. Specifically, this breed offers: extra agility, a stealth bonus to which the class is already specializing, faster stamina recovery for more attacks in less time, and additional damage to your weapons. With the two last bonus, damage per second (DPS) is greatly increased by making the character ideal for the modes mentioned.


Templars are characters that use the power of light and sun. Through this power they can do too much damage to enemies, while at the same time they can replenish life through it. Finally, they can offer different statistics to their allies, a role also known as support.


Which breed is best matched:

Templar is the one who can make a good result with several races. A combination is with Breton’s breed that offers us a pretty capable healer ideal for Templars who are mostly characters who support others. A different combination is with the Redguards breed. The bonus of this breed concerns shields, stamina and retrieval outside and within battles, and extra time of aid coming from food. This has the effect of having a character with long stamina and enough damage per second.


The Warden class is also the new class added with the all-new expansion, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. The Wardens take their power from nature, making magical spells to call animals to help them fight. In addition to this, they also control elements of nature, giving them the ability to make spells of ice. Finally, Wardens are very good with crossbows.


Which breed is best matched:

The Wardens are mainly based on their Magicka, and they also have several skills that can be used to help their allies. A good choice of breed is that of the High Elf with which you have a strong enough magician with the corresponding bonus it gives, such as increased magicka and its renewal rate and increased damage to your catastrophic spells.

The second good choice, mainly due to the healing capabilities, is the Argonian breed. The bonus we offer is about the healing we do to other players, what we accept, additional effects on the filters we consume, extra magicka and life. This results in a good healer, and why not, a more… light tank.

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ESO: A Special Event Will Be Held To Celebrate PvP Mode

ZeniMax Online Studios has announced that a special event will be held in The Elder Scrolls Online, entitled Midyear Mayhem.

eso 12

From July 20th to July 31, MMORPG servers for PC, PS4 and Xbox One will host an event that will celebrate PvP mode. Players will get the exclusive Midyear Victor’s Laurel Wreath collectible hat, earn double Alliance Points and PvP gear, and create rare items. These bonuses will be available in all PvP game modes.

To learn more about how to participate, you just have to go to the official site of the game or www.eso-gold.com.

Falkreath Of The Elder Scrolls Online DLC Horns Of The Reach

So, what will happen in the next big addition for The Elder Scrolls Online called Horns of the Reach? If briefly, then nothing good. At least, this feeling has developed after a small piece of prehistory. Developers published on the site of the game a letter from the father to the child, which describes strange events.


In the message, a man describes refugees arriving in Falkreath, suffering from various wounds, including traces of bites. It is alleged that they were subjected to the persecution of marauders, including fled from a man with a bullish head. The situation in the city is aggravated, the scouts sent did not return. You can find the full text here.

The Elder Scrolls Online Will Receive An Update And DLC In August

The developers of ZeniMax Online Studios shared the latest news about the development of the global multiplayer role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Online. Already in August, the next update will be released (the Update 15), as well as additions to Horns of the Reach.

ESO update 15

“It will be available in the in-game Crown Store and as part of ESO Plus membership,” the developers explain. – You can also buy Horns of the Reach in the Crown Store. But update 15 all players will be able to download for free. Both new items will add fresh locations to the game. In the Horns of the Reach, two dungeons are promised: Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. Well, Update 15 is devoted to multiplayer battles in the Battlegrounds PvP mode, so that in it you will find two corresponding arenas: Arcane University and Chaosball.

Despite the fact that the update is intended for everyone, only those who have purchased the extension Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will be able to take full advantage of it, since only Battlegrounds PvP mode is available to them. Also promised:

  • Cancellation of research;
  • Guild Invite History;
  • Updating the currency system;
  • Customizable combat cues for ability and attack telegraphs;
  • New homes and furnishings for Homestead;
  • Correction of errors and debugging of balance.

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Review Of Highly Anticipated Morrowind Expansion For TESO

The Elder Scrolls Online got DLC supplies. On the 6th of June, the highly anticipated Morrowind expansion for the MMO from ZeniMax appeared. Finally, we can travel again to Vvardenfell, into the world of the 2002 role playing game classic Morrowind. We have tested the first major add-on package for TESO.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind appeared 15 years ago and is a real genre milestone. A hackneyed battle system and no quest aids – that was Morrowind, too. In the first place, Morrowind was a damn atmospheric title. In addition, Morrowind was the part of the Elder Scrolls series, in which today’s style so slowly consolidated. A great world, an epic story and complete freedom in character creation. With such a brilliant game, in which I have spent hundreds of hours, it did not bother me either, that I had to constantly look at the virtual ground to get an acceptable frame rate.


I was thrilled when Bethesda and ZeniMax announced Morrowind as the first real add-on for The Elder Scrolls Online in January of this year. There is probably no other part of the series that fans would prefer to see in the TESO universe. For example, ZeniMax has been working on the implementation of the engine of Oblivion and Skyrim for many years. ZeniMax has recognized this and the Vvardenfell volcanic island is smoothly reproduced in the game.

Already prior to the release of TESO: Morrowind, ZeniMax introduced the “One Tamriel” feature. Each area and combat is now tailored to the level of the player. The consequence: we can always explore all areas and join each player, whatever level. What makes World of Warcraft only Legion, allows ZeniMax in the entire game world of The Elder Scrolls Online. This great feature also allows us to go directly into the new addon – along with its own tutorial.

Fans of the original will be reminiscing directly at the beginning of the game. The addon starts at the same place, where we could not look at the then ground-breaking water in 2002: in the city of Seyda Neen. From there, we can explore the completely reconstructed island, dungeons and quests, follow our craft, or simply explore the landscape. It varies from marshes, over barren rock landscapes to the fire-spitting volcano – the volcano in the middle of the island. Of course, again the town of Vivec is accessible, in which the god of the same name, as part of the tribunal, needs our help.

The story is told by means of sound (and synchronized!) Dialogues during the quests. In the process, the quests do not reach the epic proportions of other genre representatives, but the extensive setting reaches exactly what The Elder Scrolls Online wants to achieve: Immersion.


In fact, the online implementation of the popular TES series by the developer in recent interviews is no longer referred to as MMO, but also as a rolling game. This single-player character, including a typical-ego view, mixes ZeniMax with extensive online features such as housing, guilding systems or crisp raids. Of course, in Morrowind, the entire island may be scourged and played at the entrance – human players are not required for regular quests and are completely optional.

Morrowind lets us open up the way we play the fighting. Already in the main game we had the full freedom in character development. Each class – whether an elegant Nightblade or a hard-hitting Dragonknight – has different skill sets, which can be combined as desired. So a Templar can become a healer or a tank – just as we wish. The same applies to the new Warden class, which can be directed in various directions thanks to frost magic, companion system (analogous to the Beast Master Hunter in World of Warcraft) and salvation claims. This freedom in the character development can be a curse or blessing – but it remains a unique feature. We like this: a fresh alternative to rigid class structures of other MMORPGs. With the new class, TESO: Morrowind now also counteracts class poverty, which we had still criticized in the original test.

Finally, The Elder Scrolls Online, but also in the new addon Morrowind as a hybrid between singleplayer and multiplayer experience – each individually, TESO does not work. For a single-player experience, the mechanics are too bulky, the visual presentation is not convincing enough. For a pure multiplayer experience, on the other hand, TESO: Morrwind is a fine of a World of Warcraft. A community, guilding and raid structure like that of the genre primes has not developed at TESO – and it does not look like this either. For this, TESO is an interesting mix of both worlds, which is convincing in total – mainly through the TES license. As was already the case in the main game of TESO, it was also used in Morrowind thanks to the original score and the complete implementation of the island. If one knows Morrowind in the original – and loves it like me – then you immediately feel like at home.

But the active combat system is particularly fun. While in many MMORPGs we are rigidly on the spot, a rotation down, and sometimes move us from “area of effect” damage, TESO calls for much more movement. We can block attacks, free us from Stuns, escape damage with sideways rolls, and attack the enemy from behind. This exciting combat system is what makes the gameplay stand out from other genre vampires. We like it great!

A weak technique, an unusual combat system and unpolished mechanics. Who plays The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind for the first time, could quickly forget the newest addition and main game. He also misses the unique pages of ZeniMax’s new MMORPG: charmingly-tuned quests, a beautiful world, a breathtakingly fresh combat system, and a “One Tamriel”, an exploration system that is unrivaled.

Morrowind does not make much difference to TESO. We will be rewarded with Vvardenfell as a new island and the guardian as a new class, but little has been done on the scaffolding. These are two sides of a coin: this means that the weaknesses – such as a meager crafting system or weak graphics – have done little, the active combat system continues to make fun and the sound quests continue to inspire. If you want the main game and a fresh alternative to WoW or Guild Wars 2, you can travel to Vvardenfell.

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News: TESO: Morrowind Dives Into Political Intrigues

In recent weeks, Bethesda took us on a video tour along all major places and in Morrowind’s history. Today they show us the sensitive political intrigues that play between the various major houses of the region.

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