PoE 3.3 Duelist Champion Builds

The Path of Exile Gladiator demands the hybrid nature within the Duelist a step additional, employing a mixture of speed, power, and protection. The Gladiator operates correctly with dual wielding or one-handed weapon and shield combinations. The class offers possibilities to construct about applying bleed, enhancing the player’s blocking, and enhancing Endurance and Frenzy Charges.

Duelist Champion

[Poe 3.3 Build] Enjoyable to play Really Higher Clear Speed and DPS Champion Construct

This construct has unbelievable evident speed and has cleared all content. Cleared HOTGM and Uber Elder using the Aspect using the Cat version. It would nonetheless be doable employing the Non-League Distinct version really a bit far more robust and possibly do not have the ability (or constant adequate world-wide-web connection – lag). If you’d like to farm Uber Elder, then this development will not be for you. For me it was merely fascinating that could take a Sunder to make to the quite endgame. Possess a series of video’s beneath which include a Deathless Shaper run and an Uber Elder kill.
The play style of Sunder is very new player friendly and scales extremely appropriately into the completed game. Mainly because your movement ability is leap slam, the larger attack speed gives you a vast quantity of mobility. This enables the creator to sacrifice some survivability for added harm nonetheless it might quite conveniently be adjusted to suit your personal preference. By no means thoughts the occasional death, so the way my construct is set up and my play style isn’t supportive of an HC make so to preserve that in thoughts.
The harm of this create scales straight along with your gear so the much more you invest, the larger your DPS will go. The non-league precise construct This Develop linked beneath features a maximum Shaper DPS of two.6mil Sunder damage, plus the added harm out of your totem. That stated, need to you be inside a position to possess your hands on a Farrell’s Fur from Beastiary like did you are able to have maximum frenzy and power alterations all of the time, supplying 3.6mil Sunder DPS and 1mil totem harm. That doesn’t incorporate factors just like the added harm from Vaal Lightning Trap. My gear is superb but not necessarily excellent within the slot, so there is certainly nonetheless space to develop really should you sincerely wish to invest some extreme exalts.

+ Very High Clear Speed
+ High DPS
+ Terrific mobility
+ Can clear all content and run all maps except Phys Reflect
+ Reasonable survivability
+ No ability switching for bosses essential
+ Great Uber Lab runner as a bonus
+ fun to play
– Not a real face-tank develop, you need to move
– Not a “boss killer” like some builds but more than capable
– Not extremely high life
– You’ll die

Kill All if you want the two ability points, but Alira is valuable for the further damage and extra resists. Considering the fact that the make making use of a handful of uniques, it can be hard to sustain resists. When your resists are in order though, I’d swap back to the two talent points.

Soul of Arakali – upgrade with Arachnoxia as early as you can to have added advantage from Blood Rage
Soul of Ryslatha or Soul of Yokohama – This construct use Ryslatha

Leveling Guides:
There isn’t much to playing a Sunder character, but the basic play style is as follows,
1. Leap Slam among packs to sustain fortify and re-slam sometimes to reapply to fortify.
two. Drop your totem.
three. Sunder for your heart’s content material.
four. Attempt and recall to maintain blood rage up that is comfortable together with the apparent speed of this build.
A tip for faster evident speed is using the Numlock Trick. Bind your “attack in place” crucial to a Numpad crucial. Then while holding that key down, turn on num lock. Now any time you leap slam, you will not run involving attacks at all.
For boss fights, you could use Righteous Fire to trigger Adrenaline before you engage. During the match, you might have to use Frenzy to create your charges. It adds an important amount of harm, but just after a specific point, you will not need to bother for the reason that your DPS is going to be much more than adequate as you can see in a number of the videos.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/f6tqECW4
Ability Tree: https://tinyurl.com/ycqux9ou
Instance Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2147822

[PoE 3.3 Build] Really Quickly Clear Speed with Hight Shaper DPS Gameplay Construct

This is a Pure Cold Damage Flicker Strike Create that utilizes The Red Trail + The Golden Rule Combo to make and Sustain Frenzy Charges. Nevertheless, it will not be the only way we get Frenzy Charges.
This Make can get reasonably pricey if you’d like to min-max it to its maximum Prospective. We need preserving the Physical Harm as low as possible mostly since we reflect Bleeding back to us and it’s scaled off of our Physical Harm.

+ Extremely Fast Clear Speed!
+ 100% Likelihood to Hit!
+ Works with mediocre Gear!
+ Only 4 Uniques required (1 is actually a Jewel)!
+ Can get up to 3.5 Million Shaper DPS!
– Can get high-priced although min-maxing.
– Only 6k Life
– Evasion based
– Particular uniques necessary

Aid Alira for the Resists and Crit Multi
Or kill all when you don’t require the Resist and extra Crit Multi

This Make chose Soul from the Brine King for Stun meditation and Soul of Shakari for Poison immunity as we already get bleeding on ourselves we never want an additional DoT on us 😀

PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/LXPV5ZNC
Talent Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y74rbumu
Instance Hyperlink: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2125167


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