GET BETTER @ Destiny Crucible Multiplayer – Updating: Ep.3

Destiny's Crucible

Thanks to @DestinyInvestors First

This is going to be an ongoing series that will feature a lot of footage that Mike and I recorded during the Destiny Beta Build on both the PS4 and Xbox 360 version of the Beta. This commentary is done by Johnston and will feature a gameplay/commentary standpoint of Destiny’s Crucible PVP.

Destiny's Crucible

  • On the Crucible, there is a map called Moon. Which is basically the largest play space that allows vehicles such as the Pike and the Interceptor on the map. The major points on this little strategy guide is:

- B Turret and B2 Control
- Vehicle control
- A coherent team that you could communicate with and assist you

Recommendations for this map:
- Have weapons that compliment each other for its ranges.
(ie. Shotgun + Scout rifle combo, Sniper + Auto AR/ Hand Cannon)

  • On the crucible, Venus is the smallest map in the Destiny Beta. Which is a good close to mid range map.

We suggest a build such as:
The shotgun + Semi auto AR build

This is recommended due to the shotgun’s CQB range that exemplifies this map’s size. Shotguns are more reliable and easy to use in this game. This is a lot better than running a sniper, if you are running a sniper. Go by C Rock or C Caves for some distance to cover both C and B flags.

Strategy guide:
- Coherent teammates and communication
- Awareness
- Running in pairs


- Bait and switch, letting your teammate get spotted, distracting the enemies and flank to the side to clean them up.

- Putting shots on enemies, if you have a team to communicate to. Most of these enemies will drop like flies.

  • Map Rusted Lands is only available on the crucible, on the limited time Iron Banner playlist on the Beta. Rusted Lands is a close to medium range map in the Destiny Beta.

We suggest a build such as:
Any Auto AR + Shotgun

This is recommended due to the Auto ARs ability to excel at close to mid range, this can absolutely destroy semi-auto AR users in a matter of seconds . Shotguns like we stated, are more reliable and easy to use in this map as well. Since, this map has many corners, this can be handy for close quarter situations. However, you can always run a sniper, though you would get flanked from various positions and areas around the map.

The recommended role is the: Aggressive support

Strategy for this map:
- Staying Mobile, this is especially important because this map has various areas to flank enemies trying to hold down locations/flags. Staying Mobile with the team is great and supports the team preferably even better than a Defensive support playstyle.

- The Blitzkrieg
A fast-paced aggressive rush tactic, this can prove to be extremely deadly with a well-coordinated team or a coherent team. The Blitzkrieg requires almost the whole team to overwhelm enemies on flag points or choke points of the map. This tactic/strategy especially works against uncoordinated enemies. This leaves them in disarray and gives the enemy team such a huge setback.

- Blitzkrieg Variant: The convoy system
This is either a various pair/trios of teammates running with you, this focuses on strength in numbers and speed of coordination. This is second to the full Blitzkrieg variant when it focuses on overwhelming the enemy with a coordinated rush.

Techniques for Blitzkrieg strategy/tactic:
- Bait & Switch technique
A fairly popular technique against pairs or several opponents. Having either your teammate distracts the enemy and you can either swoop in with covering fire or flank to get several kills. This can lead to saving your teammate much more than before.