What Missions Are There in COD MW3 Zombies?

What Missions Are There in COD MW3 Zombies?

In COD MW3 Zombies has many missions, which can bring us a lot of rewards, so many players choose to enter this mode. So, how many missions are there in COD MW3 Zombies? The following article will describe what missions there are in COD MW3 Zombies and the rewards that can be obtained.

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Missions in COD MW3 Zombies

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies, players can engage in various missions across the three acts, each offering unique objectives and rewards. Here are some details about the missions in MW3 Zombies:

Act 1: Welcome to Operation Deadbolt

Tier 1 Missions:

  • Direct Line: Complete a Contract, Exfil. (Rewards: Jugger-Nog Can Acquisition, +1,500 XP)
  • Treasure Hunter: Open 25 Loot Caches. (Rewards: Instant Insanity Sticker, +1,500 XP)
  • Road Rage: Kill 30 Zombies by running them over with a vehicle, repair 1 vehicle tire. (Rewards: Stamin-Up Can Acquisition, +1,500 XP)
  • Wallpower: Purchase a weapon from a Wall Buy, kill 50 Zombies with a Wall Buy weapon. (Rewards: Get Smoked Emblem, +1,500 XP)
  • Firepower: Pack-a-Punch a weapon to Level 1, kill 50 Zombies with a Level 1 Pack-A-Punched weapon. (Rewards: Uncommon Aether Tool Acquisition, +1,500 XP)
  • Take Up Arms: Purchase a primary weapon from a Mystery Box, kill 50 Zombies with a Mystery Box weapon. (Rewards: Cryo-Freeze Ammo Mod Acquisition, +1,500 XP)

Tier 2 Missions:

  • Interceptor: Eliminate all Convoy Mercenaries, Collect Stronghold Keycard dropped by Mercenary Convoy. (Rewards: Bone Rattle Weapon, +3,000 XP)

Act 3: Confrontation

Tier 1 Missions:

  • Two-Factor Authentication: Complete a Defend Ground Station Contract, Kill 20 Mercenaries during a Defend Ground Station Contract, Keep the computer’s health above 60 percent, Exfil with the Death Perception Recipe. (Rewards: Mercenary Strongholds are a great location to get multiple Aether Shroud kills.)
  • Alternate Current: Hit 10 Mercenaries with the Tesla Storm Field Upgrade, Kill 50 Zombies affected by the Tesla Storm Field Upgrade. (Rewards: Brain Rot Ammo Mod, 2500 XP)
  • Most Firepower: Pack-a-Punch a weapon to Level 3, Kill 100 Zombies with a Level 3 Pack-a-Punch Weapon. (Rewards: Defend Ground Station contracts will spawn multiple enemy helicopters.)

Tier 3 Missions:

  • Storm the Castle: Complete a Merc Camp, Clear a Mercenary Stronghold, Defeat Warlord, and Collect Strauss’ Research. (Rewards: Malicious Weapon Blueprint, 3000 XP)

Tier 4 Missions:

  • Closing Time: Enter the Aether Storm, Kill 50 Zombies inside the Aether Storm, and Defeat Stormcaller inside the Aether Storm. (Rewards: Legendary Aether Tool Acquisition, 2500 XP)

These missions offer a variety of challenges and objectives, providing players with opportunities to earn rewards and progress through the MW3 Zombies mode. To get more rewards in this game, we can buy MWZ Boosting, which will help us complete various game challenges to get rewards.