Release date set for fall 2015 or early 2016?


Bungie confirmed back in November, as cited by Cinema Blend, that they were already producing the next game in the “Destiny” franchise. Many fans have speculated that the company was referring to “Destiny 2″ and not a spin-off title or a DLC. According to the website, Bungie is moving with a 10-year plan for “Destiny.” […]

Destiny Share Must Deliver In Its ‘House of Wolves’ Expansion

Despite being all anyone could talk about in 2014, Destiny chatter has been relatively quiet so far this year. After the December release of The Dark Below, once that content was complete, all that was left was the eternal grind and periodic events like the Iron Banner. But now, we’re moving closer toward the spring […]

Destiny share how to solo Weekly Heroics again

Bungie thinks that they’re doing what their players want, but that couldn’t be further from the truth after Destiny’s last patch. The update removed the option to solo one of the games hardest recurring challenges, with tough players now having to partner up with random folk to take on Weekly Heroics. The good news is […]