Destiny Guide: Create a Character in Game

When the game starts, you have to create a new hero. The first step of the creation process is choosing character class, which is by far the most important decision, as it influences available skills, equipment etc. All available classes are detailed in a separate chapter of this guide.

Destiny Guide: Create a Character in Game

After deciding on the class, the appearance editor appears. There are three races in Destiny – Human, Awoken (humanoid creatures characterized by their blue skin), and Exo (machines endowed with artificial intelligence). Regardless of the race, you must also select your character’s sex.

Note: Choice of race or sex has no effect on the available character abilities nor the challenges awaiting you in the game world.

Destiny offers wide possibilities of modifying character’s appearance.The next step of the character creation process is purely cosmetic. Namely, you can change face appearance (Face, Hair or Head Feature tabs), as well as add special paintings (Marking tab), which enable your character to stand out from the crowd of Guardians created by other players.

Destiny Guide: Create a Character in Game

Note:The game allows you to have several characters; you can select your hero in the main menu. We recommend to create one character of each of the three classes.

How to get tons of Destiny Glimmer fast

You have to have these consumables:

Black Wax Idol:

Destiny Black Wax Idol

Ether Seeds:

Destiny Ether Seeds

The way these items work is that for every enemy you kill you get roughly 3-6 destiny glimmer each on average, but if you can string together multiple kills (they work on a timer, like double kills, triple kills, etc.) the amount of destiny glimmer you get for each successive kill increases. So for the first kill in a streak you might get maybe 4 destiny glimmer, then for the second kill you’ll get 8, then 12 and it keeps increasing until you go more than about 4 or 5 seconds without a kill, then it resets.

Best place to use them is at Skywatch in free roam since there are about 4 different enemy spawns very close to each other that spawn enemies relatively frequently.

You’ll also want to use both items at the same time because one item only gives you destiny glimmer for killing Hive enemies and the other for Fallen enemies, and each of the spawns in that location only spawn one type of enemy. It’s really hard to keep the kill streak going fighting only one type of enemy, since you will end up waiting for them to spawn when you could keep it going by fighting the other enemies.

The other good thing about this area is that there will be public events that spawn a ton of enemies, one I believe is to defend the Warsat, and the other isn’t an actual public event (no idea what it is called) but every once in a while for about 5 or 10 minutes there will be massive waves of Hive and Fallen that spawn on either side of the area, fighting each other. There will be a lot of high ranking enemies too. Towards the end you will probably die a lot even if you have other Guardians helping you.

Using those three consumable items that I had I was able to get over 2000 destiny glimmer (and tons of loot) in about 20 minutes (up to 7653 from 5398):

Destiny 2000 glimmer

The highest I got my chain to go was 173 glimmer per kill (ended cause I was killed), during the event with the huge waves of enemies:

Destiny 173 Glimmer

Useful Strategy for Destiny Beta

The Destiny beta has launched for a few days. We has already sunk some hours into it, so we’ve put together some quick tips to help get you started.

Useful Strategy for Destiny Beta

How to avoid taking damage
In the early missions, enemy fire is slow moving, but doesn’t follow a straight trajectory. Constant movement is the best way to minimise damage taken during the small skirmishes. Popping in and out of cover is the most effective way to take out the small groups of Vandals, Dregs and other foes you’ll encounter along the way.

What’s the most effective way to kill enemies 

Try and stay as far away as possible from enemies, picking them off at range before switching to your alternate weapon to clean up any who come too close for comfort. It’s important to carry one long and one short range weapon, keeping you well equipped for all possibilities.

Some of the enemies will be melee-focused, and swarm on you in packs of up to four, so keep both guns loaded between the fights so you aren’t caught by a sudden onslaught.

How do I upgrade my equipment 
Return to the Tower after every mission to upgrade your weapons, armour and unlock whatever new items are available. Destiny has a good waypoint system and will alert you to any merchants or other NPCs who are in need of interaction to unlock new goodies.

When should I spend my Destiny Glimmer
Glimmer is Destiny’s currency, and is worth stockpiling in the early parts of the game as you’ll be unlocking a ton of items that’ll quickly improve your stats, a la Borderlands. Once the loot drops start withering out, then start putting your Glimmer to good use with the merchants.

How to get headshots

It sounds pretty obvious, but headshots do far more damage than damage anywhere else. It’s actually pretty easy to get headshots on the low-level enemies, thanks to their slow movement. Keep aiming high to help whittle down packs and focus on the Captains and other leaders.

How many people can I join in co-op
Campaign missions allow you to link up with a couple of friends and take them on as a group of three. Tackling missions as a group certainly makes things more interesting, and communication is always a benefit, so ideally find friends who have a mic.

How to complete missions
A few of the early missions end in a heated battle with either a large number of Vandals, Dregs and other low level foes, or one giant behemoth and a few minions, make sure you go into the end game well prepared.

Take a pause before approaching the closing objective to make sure your powers or grenades are recharged, you’re fully reloaded on all weapons and take a note of the terrain. Find good cover spots and make sure you aren’t cornered.

Multiplayer tips
Keep checking your equipment, as you can rotate armour to improve your overall defence and swap weapons around too.

For your alternate weapon, if you choose the sniper rifle or other guns that require special ammo, you’ll need to collect it from the boxes littered around the map in order to use them. These caches usually don’t stock much ammo, so try and grab a couple between runs to the domination points.

Whenever you come across the large, tank-like vehicle, jump in. At present, it feels a little overpowered, and may well be balanced in the near future. Right now, it offers great protection and fires lightning-fast rockets that are guaranteed to net you a handful of kills. It’s also small enough to drive to B and C and capture without getting out. Just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any approaching enemies and be mindful of nearby turrets.

Destiny Guide:How to kill the Devil Walker

Refer to:

The Devil Walker is a Fallen vehicle that acompanies packs of Fallen. They have strong armour and equally strong weapons making it difficult to take them down alone. It can be seen in action in the E3 demo.

Destiny Devil Walker

This is laughably easy with a good crew. First, keep behind cover and pick off the smaller enemies – watch out for the Fallen Captains.

Each of you should then take up a position far from your teammates. Facing the Devil Walker from the entrance to this area, good spots are behind the large pillar on the left; in the tunnel on the far right; and in the horizontal tunnel behind a bank of earth right in the middle. The Devil Walker will be constantly turning to face its most dangerous target of the moment, who ought already to be in retreat, giving the other two Guardians time to strike.

You’ll need a long range weapon. Keep your distance, and stay mobile. The boss has two major attacks you need to watch. If his turret lights up blue, move away. If a red targeting laser comes anywhere near you, leg it. (Remember; sprinting will cancel reload actions, and hitting reload or scope will cancel you out of a double jump much faster.) Both of these attacks do splash damage so really put some space between you and the projectiles. The two side positions need to back off further between attacks as they’re more exposed. Just shoot, get behind cover while the Devil Walker fires, rinse and repeat.

You need to shoot the Devil Walker on the legs; it takes very little damage anywhere else. If you shoot one leg enough to break off its armour, the Devil Walker will fall down and its case will open, exposing its vulnerable core. (If you don’t do this, you can still win – it just takes a lot longer.) The two Guardians on the sides should charge in and unleash supers and grenades; if you have a Hunter with you, it’s best if they stay in the central spot, because they can use their super to snipe – it’s easiest to hit from the left bank. Unarmoured legs are not worth shooting, so change targets when you’ve knocked one leg out.

When the field fills with enemies, retreat to someplace entirely safe from the Devil Walker and take them out, then return to continue hammering the boss.

If you run out of ammo check the puddle in front of the Devil Walker’s stage, and the stage itself, where plenty of downed Shanks should provide ammo drops. If the Devil Walker is firing or about to fire at a teammate you can usually nip in and grab some ammo, then go on the lam before you’re hit. If you keep running out of ammo, consider buying some ammo refill packs at the Tower before setting out, or use a slower, heavier weapon.

When the Devil Walker finally falls, the door behind it opens and a number of Fallen Dregs and Vandals will flood out. Don’t let them take you by surprise; this is a hot spot for first timers to party wipe.

Destiny Beta Character Progress Will Not Carry Over to Full Game

If you’ve participated in the Destiny beta, hopefully you liked it enough to play through that content again, because whatever progress you’ve made will not carry over to the full game once it’s released.

Destiny Beta Progress Will Not Carry Over to Full Game

“Since the Beta, we’ve continued to tune and adjust the game,” Bungie designer Tyson Green said on the developer’s website. “The way you earn experience has been adjusted up and down a bunch of times. Items have been added and removed. New features toggled. Although there’s no single monumental change, the sum of the tweaks leaves characters from the Beta Build in strange shape that would be confusing at best, broken at worst.”

Last month, Bungie was still debating whether or not it will wipe character data after the beta. “It’s extremely unknown as to what the outcome will be,” Bungie community manager David “Deej” Dague said at the time. “So, it’s certainly not a promise or an announcement that we’re making at this time. It all depends on what we learn and how things shake out.”

Unfortunately, Bungie learned players will have to start over, but on the bright side, the beta only allowed them to play up to Level 8.

Destiny launches September 9 for Xbox 360Xbox OnePlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. For more, check out GameSpot’s previous coverage.

FIFA 15 Guide:How to tackle successfully everytime

So you’ve arrived here because you want to completely master the art of tackling players successfully on FIFA 15. With Electronic Arts introducing some rather interesting attacking and defending features this year, this title is not even similar to last years installment in terms of gameplay. Yes, it might be a football/soccer video game, but the actual dynamics and gameplay has totally changed this year.


To help you manage and adapt to these brand new changes, we thought we’d setup a guide to help gamers become pro’s at keeping a tight back-four. This page is all about tackling and after you’ve read it, you’ll be a completely transformed player afterwards.

Tip 1: Be Patient
The timing of your challenges is one of the most vital aspects of defending on FIFA 14 this year, it will simply be the death of you or it will be the making of you. You shouldn’t be silly and just lunge into every challenge left, right and centre. When running alongside the opposition player, this is the best moment you your defender to put in a challenge. You don’t need to always press the stand tackle button on the new game, as simply using the directional button and moving towards the ball usually tackles and retrieves you the ball back anyway.

The one thing you’ve got to be alert about though, is the AI or real online players will tend to turn a lot, and if you press the stand tackle button, then he’ll get five yards of space on you within a couple of seconds. That’s how hard it is to defend on FIFA 14. So try not running as much, and even jockeying can be a decent tactic to use now and again.

Tip 2: Don’t Slide Too Often
There’s quite a few gamers out there that are obsessed with performing sliding tackles all of the time! There’s absolutely no need for this and in doing so, you’ll be giving your opponent an easy way through to your shambolic defence. You shouldn’t even slide about when you get annoyed with the game which sometimes happens, because a football match can change in just a couple of minutes, and giving up is not the answer.

If you want to get possession back for your team, then you’re going to have to knock sliding tackles on the head. We will say that you should only perform them when it’s your last defender, the opposing striker is one-on-one with your goalkeeper, and you think that you may be able to wrap your legs around the attacker and retrieve the ball without getting sent-off and giving away a cheap penalty.

Tip 3: Where to Tackle
Obviously it goes without saying that you should put in a challenge all over the park, but you must be extremely careful when the opposition are in your penalty area. You must never ever tackle from behind! unless you’ve got covering defenders and it’s only the stand tackle maneuver. From the sides and front is the best from of tackling and bringing other defenders into play on the wings is a great way to shut-out other players.

Tip 4: 1V1 Or Worse
If your opponent has caught you on the break and has a successful counter-attack heading your way and you’re in a one-on-one situation or worse, son’t panic. The only thing that you can do in either situation is jockey and don’t go towards them! You must run back and hope that some of your other defenders and midfielders get back in time. Bringing out the goalie can sometimes pay-off but he’ll need to be extremely quick in his feet.

Tip 5: Sign Defenders With Strength
This is an absolute must in FIFA 15! Strength is the new trend, and if you want to get anywhere on the latest installment, then you will do this right away. Your full backs don’t have to have strength, they’re just used for pace so that they can get up and down the pitch quickly and effectively. Your centre back are the ones that will need to have a lot of upper body muscle and be a real Arial threat too. Using the new protect the ball feature is quite handy to use in defence as well, as you can keep your opponents at bay and wait for support to arrive from another teammate.


Top 5 amazing fifa 15 domination tricks

fut 15


If you’ve been struggling with the most popular game mode in FIFA 15 that is the Ultimate Team, worry no more, as we’re here to give out some quality tips that you can implement pretty much straight away and get more coins effectively and fast.

It takes a heck of a lot of effort to build a really strong team in FUT 15, and the competition is great, so you’re going to need some new tactics if you’re going to separate yourself from the rest of the bunch. You can only win so many games, but that’s not what gets you the cash, it’s more of the trading side of things, and we’ve got it all covered for you.

1. Your Reward Bonus
If you’re not a new member, and you’ve returned for the new season, then you’ll be entitled to four loyalty packs as a kindly reward from EA. Every single player will be given a starter pack that consists of 22 players and 1 manager. The players that you’ll receive in these packs will be to put it kindly, awful! So you will have to start from the bottom and play in the lower leagues for the first couple of games.

It won’t matter if you end up losing the games, as you’ll still be eligible for coins after the match and as long as you’re earning, that’s all that matters. Do not go into the auction house straight away, just try getting a few wins under your belt and be patient.

2. Keep Hold of Future Talented Stars
When it comes to Ultimate Team, gamers tend to just look for players that are real household names and known throughout world football. You can use this to your advantage and keep hold of talented players that you’ve got a hunch on, and sell them at a later date for a considerable hefty sum. This season, we would recommend buying Manchester United wonder-kid Adnan Januzaj, West Ham central midfielder Ravel Morrison, Everton CM Ross Barkley, and Tottenham Hotspur Winger Erik Lamela as just four to name a few as ones to keep hold of for now.

3.Take Advantage of TOTW
The Team of The Week literally changes every single Wednesday as EA update and post the TOTW via their official Twitter account. Make sure that you purchase the players that have done exceptionally well in that week, and there’s a chance that he’s value could well go up if he’s picked for the TOTW. You never know who’s price is going to increase on FUT 14, but one thing is fir definite, it’s always a player that’s well in form throughout the season.

4.Make Easy FIFA 15 Coins Via Selling Players
When selling players in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team you will need to remember a few things. You must always put a BIN (Buy it Now) with every sale and place it above the starting price. Make sure that you research all of your players before you go ahead and start putting them up for sale. You don’t want to sell them for a knockdown price to only later find out that they were a goldmine.

Compose a simple search and check up on all the prices to see what you need to sell them for. A decent tip is to buy players that have high acceleration and sprint speed as most users tend to look for that above any other attribute. FIFA 15 is all about footballers that have amazing strength and ball control, so players like Edinson Cavani. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Benteke, Lukaku, and Andy Carrol will soon fetch a lot in the future when gamers begin to realise that these are the types of cards that you’re going to need in order to win.

5.Have Great Chemistry & Managers
You will have to make sure that you chemistry in your squad is up to a hundred in order to win more games and earn more fifa 15 coins. Just literally link all your players up by having them have either their club, country or league as something in common. Acquiring and selecting a really top manager is always a must have as well.

We hope these tips have been helpful in your quest to build an epic team on FUT 15!

The Secret to Make Coins on “FIFA Ultimate Team”

fifa coins

“Ultimate Team” is an expansion pack for several “FIFA” games made by EA. It allows players to create custom teams by buying and trading cards that represent players, contracts and attribute boosts. Coins are normally earned over the course of the game, but attentive players can “play the market” and take advantage of people’s tendency to take more coins out of the market than they put in. A constant influx of coins will allow you to buy a stronger team and sell off your extra assets.

Buy premium gold packs when buying any pack of cards. Though they cost the most at 7,500 fifa 15 coins each, they are guaranteed to give you at least three rare cards compared to one in standard gold packs and frequently none in silver and bronze packs. These rare cards pay for themselves more often than not in the market, usually with returns of between 1,000 and 1 million coins (for an all-star player).

Play in single-player tournaments, where each game frequently pays up to 600 coins if you win by at least three goals. You also get between 500 and 1,500 coins after winning a tournament, which is considered relatively easy against computer opponents.

Play in online tournaments against human players if you feel your skill level is high enough and you don’t often drop out of matches. If you do drop out often, your “DNF modifier” rating is reduced and you receive fewer coins in later victories, with a minimum of 200 coins and a maximum of 800. Trophy bonuses for winning a tournament vary, with higher bonuses meant to attract better players.

Buy gold contracts in the marketplace that are priced at 400 coins or below and resell them for 600 or more, depending on what is currently available. Players will frequently pay a little more to save time and stock up on contracts. Similarly, use contract cards on player cards before selling them to make them more attractive than others on the market, and sell them at a price as much as 5 to 10 percent more

Buy cards when few players are online (you can see how many are online via the ticker at the bottom of your screen outside of matches) and resell them during peak hours, usually between 4 p.m. and 4 a.m. Eastern Time. Demand is always higher when more players are bidding on cards.