How about a fast-moving house in Forza Horizon 4?

Forza Horizon 4 is usually a extremely prosperous racing game that is definitely loved by quite a few racing enthusiasts. The FH four occasion is held inside the UK and presents more than 450 cars, which can be loved by millions of gamers. Players can play games alone or with friends and siblings to produce their gaming practical experience exciting.

The map in Forza Horizon 4 is very large. If you need to go from one end to the other to participate in a festival or competition, you will need to travel fast. Fast travel in the game is not free. Every time you use fast travel, you will need Credits in the FH 4 account. If you want to make a free fast trip, you can refer to our previous articles, which tells two methods, one is Find all 50 fast travel boards and destroy them, the other is to buy Fairlawn Manor.

Fairlawn Manor
Fairlawn Manor is centrally located, and perched nicely among the beatific farmlands. Purchasing it also unlocks the fast travel mechanic, so not a bad thing to target early on.


As you can see from the above description, after purchasing Fairlawn Manor, you can immediately unlock the fast trip and get to the place you want to go for free. Although it is a little expensive, you can also get 2,000,000 CR, Silver Top Hat. 10 Super Wheelspins, in general, is still very cost-effective.

If you are worried that CR is not enough, you can’t afford such a house for a while. You can refer to our previous article to teach you how to earn enough CR in FH 4.