The web developers of 2K Business made manipulations to some purposes in Buy NBA 2K MT.

In short of a month, Buy MT PS4 is about to suit the players. The developer divulged the gameplay, periods, MyTEAM, along with MyCAREER updates. Although the brand-new match features are ambiguous, we bought a idea of an strengthened annoying system, involving skill-based flying relay along with more attention on expert stick skills. And a wholly improved shield system.

The gameplay on the court has definitely been given some essential improvements in offense along with shield.

The designers stated that the gamer's capacity to break through the dribble protector through brand-new renowned actions as well as mixtures, specific jump shots, dunks in traffic along with air relays would be skill-based, as well as basketball INTELLIGENCE as well as club skills can play a huge purpose.

On the defensive side, players can experience a “changed” blasting activity along with obstructing system, highlighting a collection of brand-new defensive tools Learn More. Developers state that a suffocating protection without as well as injured has certainly certainly never experienced so helpful.

The developed weather as well as MyTeam setting will certainly look for to readjust the formula as opposed to reinvent it, as well as effective functions including MyTeam Draft as well as MyTeam Seasons will certainly remain to be utilized. I value the evolution of MyTeam right into today's live solution, giving free video game aspects for those who wish to invest in brand-new difficulties once more. This time around, the progress as well as collection of MyTeam can keep on in between the coming as well as previous generation gaming consoles, including your Buy MT PS4 budget, MyTeam factors, as well as MyTeam token balance.If you wish to get more Buy MT PS4, please most likely to

MyTEAM, MyCAREER, along with The W can come to all players on PlayStation 5 along with Xbox Number X |S. The weather will certainly offer players to a brand-new means to update MyPLAYER as well as win awards in cities along with online communities.

Participants can construct the “most productive group” with the help of group management-including off the court. The designers claimed that more information about MyNBA as well as MyWBNA would be shared in earlier September.

Filming activities along with blocked shots will certainly currently be altered by a more comprehensive variety of animations as well as user selections, enabling members to stifle the outdoors line as well as seal the paint location with an additional physical awareness. In the last few years, protecting control has paid terrific interest to arranging as well as timing. Still, it behaves to see a more comprehensive system that uses the joystick to carry out details arm as well as hand motions in the manner in which Pro Stick redefines photographing.

The developer mentioned that more detailed information regarding the Seasons growth would be announced endmost of August however joked that players would obtain a brand-new initial activity setting during the vacation.

Is Buying 2K22 MT Safe

MyTEAM can increase as the brand-new period lowers. Still, when it is launched, players can look forward to the return of the draft, enabling players to select an superb schedule from the constantly refreshed participant collection.

The approach of development still exists. Nevertheless, the largest reveal is in the kind of brand-new as well as enhanced cities as well as 2K Boat trip. The current/next-generation gaming consoles obtain a far more substantial along with increased version of in 2014's City. Concurrently, the proprietors of the previous generation will certainly appreciate 2K Cruise ship, which is a brand-new interpretation of The Area, which will certainly lead players through.

The moment they set sail of the sea on a multi-level liner, you can have the option to emulate players from all around the globe to construct as well as buy brand-new properties. The utmost objective is to have the most major along with worst penthouse in the sky. As more detailed information regarding these brand-new surroundings are coming quickly, it deserves keeping in mind that 2K Boat trip will certainly include a continuously advancing along with modern quest that consists of real-time functions,

Although these cases' rate along with rank of information are not yet specific, it is terrific to see the groups of Aesthetic Ideas as well as 2K Games redesign The Area for the 2nd time in a row. In 2014's 2K Beach verified to be a rejuvenating change stylishly along with rhythm.

Lattermost of the eighth time of year, NBA 2K MT for Sale published a fresh down memory lane invincible card.

Lattermost of the 8th year of NBA 2K MT for Sale, My Group known as introduced brand-new player cards. The fourth part of the bunch refers some excellent a lot of people in background, as well as they brought some high-scoring fresh properties. Surrounded by them are procuring protector Tracy McGrady, his retired mate Yao Ming together with epic gamer Chamberlain, all members with new cards. Members can obtain NBA 2K MT for Sale MyTeam bags as well as boxes or acquire the belongings they need at the sale condo. On top of that, we definitely will reach announce a variety of forms in the online game to help fresh members choose their place.

When the latest NBA 2K MT for Sale MyTeam shipment of Spell 8 puts to use the 4th card outside the location, the player is generally applied in a many different stance from the regular circumstance. With T-Mac's unique work, gamers will become 97 team chance, 96 firm power, 95 inside accounts, and even 88 rebounds.

Yao Ming got 99 blocks, foiling durability, inside together with dark horses, as well as rebounds. According to the 2k authorities details index, his reduced rating stems the method of administrative misdemeanor. Wilt Chamberlain has his properties at both power along and facility locations. Additionally, it is an unbeatable card with an total rating of 99. This holds true with the unbeatable card because Wilt scored 99 levels in every vital feature of his video game. For that reason, he will certainly become the perfect facility for many gamers to partner with the MyTeam schedule.

The current NBA 2K MT for Sale deal is marked up at 11,250 2K VC or 15,000 MT in Jam-pack Market. These have 5 things, some of which is a participant card, nevertheless there is no warranty that it is OOP 4 or Irresistible. A box of 10 sheets can have a box of 101,250 VC, and a box of 20 portions can have a box of 202,500 NBA 2KVC. There is additionally a brand-new MyTeam goal checklist based upon placement four exterior. This features making use of various player things in the collection to achieve distinct demographic proficiency. They are each worth 500 to 5,000 XP, and even the closing compensation for executing them is 2,500 Safe NBA 2K MT.

For modern players, you may likely not learn about which particular means are in NBA 2K MT for Sale. You can't address all ways, which involves you to appreciate which strategies you wish.

Park form
This play form is a single-player play that allows you to play online as the character you created in MyCareer. You can play 21-person easygoing streetball with good friends or unfamiliar people, also whether it's 2v2 or 3v3, everyone will definitely make some NBA 2KVCs move up their functions after the play.

Company functioning together with winning bonus decide on the amount of NBA 2K MT you thrive in the park game. You can fully play ball together with still have the option of obtaining 100 MT, as well as if you accomplish well, you can secure beyond 400. There is no likelihood within this game style If you are in the Park alone, it is best to visit the fixed amphitheater to ensure you will not be kicked away by a two- or three-person team preparing to start.

Advanced approach.
Unlike staking your credibility in ProAm, AnteUp is an in-game money that you call VC. Antwerp is played in 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3, so players can enter this adventure mode with or without a workforce. This game setting is primarily Park, but include 1v1 and actual VC.

The court will have different VC wagers, so you recognize just how much you will shed or win prior to you begin the game. If you recognize you are great and want to construct your in-game currency much faster, then AnteUp is your ideal selection. This mode is the leading priority, so you need to be very positive in your squad's capacities. It is not easy to win the VCs of these people.

My team model
This is the ultimate single-player mode of NBA 2K MT for Sale. Players are gotten with the cards you collect; you can buy them with the public auction house or get lucky when you open up the plan.

Once you have formed a great team, you can play 3v3 or 5v5 offline versus AI or bet various other players online to get 2KMT, XP, and rewards to help you boost your card collection and stay competitive. With the look of new web content and different variations of players every Friday, the game is obtaining more detailed and more detailed to the world of pure dream.


Difficulty cards will be released to make sure that players can do things they can never ever perform in real life, like Steve Nash, that soaks like Vince Carter, or Ben Simmons, that shoots three-pointers like Stephen Curry. Every single time you upgrade, you never ever recognize whether the best players need to be purchased or gotten by chance or need to be refined detailed, so you need to recognize the latest scenario of MyTeam with 2KTV or DBG.

PlayNow Online mode
MyTeam mode takes way too much time Start now. If you don't have much time and want the players' toughness and weak points to exist, you must try this game mode. PlayNow Online is a excellent method to complete 5v5 online with various other players without having to battle for your team This Website. The teams are pre-made, so choose your favorite NBA team and quickly challenge versus good friends or unfamiliar people.

My overall management
This video game process agrees with for those god are not always efficient in NBA 2K plays nevertheless have a high passion in basketball. You play the role of an NBA typical supervisor along with do your most effective to guarantee that your professionals wins the title match. If your workforce is not surprisingly durable, it is best to replicate a number of years as well as establish your lineup long before playing along with regulating the games oneself. Besides in MyGM, the game's devotion score is essentially unnecessary in all game settings. If you opt for the Toronto Raptors as your crew, hiring anyone with high commitment like Klay Thompson can be a whole lot more sophisticated than another person with much lesser commitment records like Kevin Durant.

Useful Options Regarding PSO2 New Genesis Meseta

PSO2 New Genesis is an interesting beast of a video game. I’ll solve the uncleanness first though, so you know what to anticipate. Besides, free-to-play games do not cost money upfront, but they do cost time. It’s sort of vital to know if it’s worth the financial investment!

Right now PSO2 New Genesis is about where PSO2 was at during launch in regards to web content: that is to claim, it’s roughly 15 hrs worth of story and also a tenuous endgame, which counts heavily on just how much you like playing overall as much as that point. The project will end around degree 13-15 or two, and also from there, you have the opportunity to embark upon Urgent Quests, degree up all six courses on the exact same character, or attempt and also max out your loot. Core chapter beats will frequently disclose bits of the story regarding the dispute versus the DOLL danger, after that ask gamers to satisfy a fight power demand, which acts as a means to entrance people from continuing.

There are numerous means to increase your fight power: literally leveling up, ordering ability factors from cocoons and also towers (micro-dungeons that test your platforming and also battle abilities), and also improving gear/upgrading your gear. In MMOs, this concept is colloquially described as gear score. Now as an MMO expert, I’m entirely aware of the concept and also do not mind, well, discovering the globe and also leveling up as required. If people simply wish to rush via the primary story, you might slam up against a wall surface.

In the present active lifestyle, everyone runs complimentary games for the excitement to successfully exude from the active regimen. Free games are an extraordinary choice to lower sluggishness from a specific person. Some tasks are cost-free in addition to several are fee-based PSO2 Meseta on the net. Numerous online games consist of fantastic gaming functions that create a tourist attraction and also these online games included equally as Old-fashioned PSO2 New Genesis, Fortnite, Dragonblight, and also a lot more. The PSO2 New Genesis computer game is in fact offered by Jagex that’s favored by persons.

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Exactly How to Get FREE and also Quite Easy Madden NFL 21 Coins?

Numerous Madden fans are anxiously waiting on information of the following version of the game. The game is generally released in August, and we are rapidly coming close to the time framework when Madden information begins to decrease. Madden 22 will be the very first version of the series, in which the development team has a complete cycle to develop the next generation experience. Madden 21 on the next-generation system failed to create the void that most individuals anticipated when contrasting sports games on advanced hardware with the latest version on the current-generation system.

Whether you are pc gaming with a smartphone or a tablet, you can break out NFL Coins. It's understood that these coins are tough to find by. Furthermore, if you depend only on playing the game to open even more coins, the coins are never sufficient.

Besides, the game requires even more time dedication than you can afford. NFL Coins are a distinct kind of utility, and they are tough to make. Thankfully, this article guides you on exactly how to get limitless free-and-easy NFL Coins. Alernatively, there are 260 complimentary rotates up for grabs as part of the welcome take care of Captain rotates online casino.

Are the Madden 21 Coins Generator Safe?
No player would wish to have their individual accounts on the verge of banishment or encountering some other extreme fines. The EA forbid such hacks in their terms. Nevertheless, several coins generator runs safely, thus guaranteeing the security of your account.
Thousands of players have asserted that their accounts got complimentary NFL Coins safely using this hack. No restriction! No penalty! Go on and break out NFL Coins using this secure coin generator. Nevertheless, the generator is meant to provide all MUT enthusiasts accessibility to limitless free-and-easy NFL Coins. Despite your platform, it's simple to gain access to, and it provides you a clean hack, no risks.

Security Alert!
Note that there is still a threat element hanging around the security of your pc gaming account Get Free. If EA identifies that you have been utilizing a coin generator to make coins, you risk losing the account. As a result, specialists advise not to utilize coin generators at all expenses.

The NFL Coins Generator

It has thousands of positive evaluations on the web. Furthermore, there are video clips on various websites showing how it runs. A lot of players make themselves a lot of money utilizing the coins generators. One of the most well-known is the Madden 21 coins generator, which is the broach all MUT players. Numerous video clips of this Madden 21 hack are readily available, particularly on social networks websites like Instagram and FB.
With the Madden 21 coin generators, you can break out NFL Coins. Visualize including the very best, most pricey MUT player, like Messi, with complimentary NFL Coins! It's actual. With the coin generator, you can get all the coins you'll need to utilize in the transfer market.

Madden 21 Coins Generator
Unlike earlier, the Madden 21 hack is now readily available online. It is an superb move for all players. Before this adjustment, one needed to download the respective application. With the application, you can appreciate the EA games to the maximum. Besides, great deals of complimentary NFL Coins allow all players to appreciate the game features.
With the Madden 21 coins generator, you can get all your dream NFL Coins complimentary and rapidly. Nevertheless, EA, the game programmers, are against this act. Don't panic! With this generator, all individual accounts are secure because there is no study.

Breaking Out and Easy NFL Coins

Madden nfl 21 Coins

Initially, see the website of the coin generator. Second of all, you will be routed to share their web page on social networks websites. The programmers of the application advise it to publicize their devices. Besides, sharing provides you a higher priority in the queue. It is helpful to utilize the Madden coin generator because it does not need verification.
Nevertheless, for novices, a fast verification procedure is critical. After the verification, you'll need to provide some information on the leading web page. Such information includes your username and your platform. Additionally, enter your NFL Coins amount and voila! Your NFL Coins equilibrium builds up in secs!

What Should You Do?
You can make free NFL Coins without the need for coin generators. Firstly, most likely to BuyMaddenCoins and look for their offerings. This platform typically timetables giveaways for their individuals. You can take part in among their giveaways and attempt your good luck. They also allow you to be their affiliate where you can make prize money upon making a sale.

Final thought
Like all MUT players, your NFL Coins are never sufficient. Breaking out NFL Coins is the only sure method to take your Madden team to the following degree. Using the NFL Coins generator might appear like the safest method of breaking out coins, however it includes threat. Nevertheless, you can pick the 2nd approach and go with This platform is the very best approach to make free and simple NFL Coins.

Can You Recommend A Reliable and Legit NBA 2K21 MT Site?

There are times when you may want to buy NBA 2K21 MT. But where is the best place to purchase NBA 2K21 MT? Luckily, U4GM.COM is here and offers the lowest price for NBA 2K players. We have served over 100 000 players in the past years, and 85.3% of customers have purchased coins more than one time.

Here, I’ll share with you why U4GM is safe and reliable:


1. Safety is the first thing.

Having fun with lots of MT coins, the seller must guarantee that your NBA 2K account has not been banned. U4GM is safe and reliable. So far, no player has been banned for buying NBA 2K21 MT coins at U4GM.

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The MyTEAM points are a kind of virtual item, so there isn’t a quality difference between different stores. The price is the priority. You can visit multiple NBA 2K21 MT suppliers to find the cheapest one. For other competitors, U4GM can offer cheaper NBA 2K21 MT.

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The newly released NBA2K MT Sponsorships history does not please some users.

Stephen Curry, who has won the NBA MVP twice, continues to be in fantastic type not long ago and is the star player promoted within the most recent MT NBA2K player ranking update. Kevin Porter Jr. can also be a single in the rising young talents within the league and looks like a player with All-Star possible. Curry joined Nikola Jokic, often called the front runner in the NBA MVP for that 2020-21 season. The two players' ratings have already been positively enhanced, and Kevin Porter Jr. has established his ability within the Houston Rockets. It seems that higher utilization costs are making miracles for his growth.

Steph Curry is now a true star within the NBA. Soon after a season, he was out of the game because of injuries more often than not, and he is in superior form. By the 2020-21 season, Curry averaged 31.1 factors, five.five rebounds, and 2.9 assists per game. He is also popular for long-range bombs within the city, and there are several bombs. Curry tried 617 three-pointers and produced 262, which exceeded the 42.5% three-pointer.

His overall performance in April integrated 11 consecutive victories and 30 factors. There have been latest back-to-back video games, scoring 47 and 49 factors respectively, as well as a game towards Denver on April 12, scoring 53 factors. In 4 video games in the past month, he hit 10 or a lot more three-pointers.

In summary, Steph Curry's overall score within the MT NBA2K player rating update has enhanced by 97 factors to 97 factors.


Kevin Porter Jr. just isn't so lucky. Whilst he has produced wonderful progress in real-life basketball, it seems that Porter Jr. is underestimated in MT NBA2K considering his overall score was 75 ahead of the latest update. Kevin Porter Jr. shouted NBA 2K and explained that he and every person else knew he was improved than that. Whilst 2K21 did give him a slight improvement, making his overall score 77 factors, some individuals suppose his overall performance is worthy of improvement.

Quite a few most people have criticized NBA 2K in the past; most people cited the unreality of basketball in that game as an excuse, and, as proven here, the score is somewhat inaccurate. Kevin Porter Jr. is undoubtedly a player worthy of widespread focus considering everything he has accomplished considering the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers trade is commendable. Whilst a number of his peers have acknowledged his progress, they come to feel that 2K is a single phase behind.

The Houston Rockets have already been underperforming this season, and their position within the leaderboard has overshadowed Kevin Porter Jr. and his rise within the staff. Nevertheless, the Houston Rockets have some interesting young gamers, plus they might reverse their fate as quickly as possible. Once the Houston Rockets start to win a lot more victories, perhaps Kevin Porter Jr. will get the general development he deserves.

Nikola Jokic in the Denver Nuggets also went up somewhat, turning into 96 OVR. He averaged 26.4 factors, 11 rebounds, and 8.7 assists per game throughout the season. On Wednesday evening, he scored 25 factors, like vital 100 % free throws, which allowed his staff to pass the Trail Blazers. Through the entire 2020-21 season, he was thought of a leading contender for that MVP alongside fellow big man Joel Embiid.

Who else is rising in order to down for his or her their OVR?
The brand new MT NBA2K player rating update just isn't with out space for downgrade No obligation to try. Gamers that have slipped within the most recent adjustments comprise of Miami Heat's Bam Adebayor, Portland's CJ McCollum, and Milwaukee Bucks guard Holiday.

Rookie Tyrese Haliburton's latest game was somewhat lousy, along with the overall ranking dropped somewhat to 81. Moreover, Jordan Clarkson (81 OVR), James Brunson (80 OVR), and Bobby Portis (80 OVR) all slipped a single level.

The MT NBA2K player rating update comes soon after the latest patch update for that next-generation console is launched. It only supplies some fixes and improvements, but customers also pointed out another loading screen concerns.

Ways in which to make a dream draft in NBA 2K21 MT PC as well as get the major scorer?

When people are trying to find new things to undertake in NBA 2K21 MT PC, many people possess been trying to find work to undertake illusion drafts in NBA 2K21 MT PC. It is the imagine every follower to establish an excellent organization via illusion drafts. MyLeague is a extremely underrated area of NBA 2K21 MT PC, however it is one of the very best modes to having fun with good friends. The MyLeague Illusion Draft permits gamers to decide on their organizations from recent NBA organizations or ineradicable NBA organizations.

Exactly how to make a illusion draft in NBA 2K21 MT PC?
You need to enter MyLeague in order to produce a new league. You can after that opt for whether you desire to make use of the recent crew or a combination of the recent team and even the historical segment. After selecting the inventory, you will determine to begin the routine year considering that you will not have the capacity to outline if you opt for the offseason.

After selecting this possibility, you can opt for to change the setups possibility. You will head to the setups alternatives and even scroll until Illusion Draft See more. You will open it. After accomplishing this, you and even your good friends will now opt for the crew you desire to having fun with. After selecting all the organizations required, it is time for the authentic selection.

After you have performed most of this, you can examine it in the video game. You can readily opt for what you wish, including selecting fantastic gamers to appear a crew. And also Stephen Curry remains to confirm that he is one of the greatest gamers in the past of the basketball activity.

Not solely did the Golden State Warriors guard change the video game with his three-point firing amount, however, he is in addition now one of the all-time scorers. On Monday, Steph ended up being the unmatched marker in Warriors past. To memorialize this achievement, users can utilize a number of NBA 2K21 MT PC MyTeam Agendas to have new benefits.

In the 12 seasons of his occupation, he determined his pentad gamings in the 2019-20 season in order to acquired many factors. Stephen just scored 104 factors last season and even 383 moments in the third year, however, he has presented his buying capability throughout his job. He is one of the most ideal three-point shooters of all time and even can turn into the most excellent shooter in the league.

He passed the fantastic Chamberlain of all time to seize the Golden State Warriors moments' lead. After buying 21 moments in the initial quarter, the two-time MVP and even three-time NBA hero took the top spot on Monday. He will certainly finish the video game with 53 moments and even assist the crew beat the Denver Nuggets 116-107.

Since enough time of this particular statement, Steph Curry has bought 17,818 factors in his occupation, most of which possess been named users of the Golden State Warriors. The terrific Wilt Chamberlain scored 17,783 moments with the Warrior business. These consisted of the crew's seasons in Philly and even eventually San Francisco in the early on to mid-1960s.

Chamberlain's job overall score is 31,419, involving the Philly 76ers and even Los Angeles Lakers years. Steph can approach, however founded on his racking up potential, it tends that he is probably as being one of the best scorers in NBA past history.

NBA2K21 Hud

New NBA 2K21 MT PC MyTeam aim honors Steph.
Steph Curry is in addition among one of the follower's favourites in xbox [tm] considering that many users like to film the three-point light with him in 2K. In the NBA 2K21 MT PC video game, Curry at the moment has an complete score of 96, which makes him one of the most ideal members, which is a matter of course.

In NBA 2K21 MT PC MyTeam method, he in addition has many special cards, involving Retro 2K Vol 3 in order to Modern Age cards with 98 overs. Some other jobs incorporate 96 OVR season benefits, 95 OVR moments, in order to 94 OVR Retro 2K Vol 2 cards. Check out the MTDB web site to look at the done features and even badges of each card.

To commemorate the NBA 2K21 MT PC MyTeam routine, members are going to really need to utilize one or most other Steph card. 2K MyTeam Twitter announced these conditions on Monday, in order to these conditions followed Steph's effectiveness last night-time. So this indicates that 53 factors might be bought with any type of Steph Curry card, involving 10 three-pointers.

Hence, users can receive 1,000 XP every of a couple of aim conditions. Players are going to in addition receive a Sharpshooter reward collection having three materials. The NBA 2K21 MT PC MyTeam timetable pertains to the 6th season of the method in order to are going to expire on April 16.

NBA 2K21 Player Rating Update: Zion Becomes 90 OVR

NBA 2K21 has updated the player ratings once again, and we’ve already got news on major players seeing their ratings adjusted on the NBA 2K21. Here are all the latest details on the newest NBA 2K21 Player Rating Update that better reflects the real-world performance of professional athletes.

Zion becomes 90 OVR in NBA 2K21 Player rating update


The New Orleans Pelicans’ No. 1 draft pick from 2020 has averaged 26.3 points on 62 percent shooting from the field.

He’s also pulling down about seven boards and giving out 3.5 assists a game and was named an All-Star this season. In recognition of Zion’s continued impressive performance, he moved up to become a 90 in the game for his first time. It seems his legend may continue to grow as he adds more to his game each season.

The Mavs’ All-Star Luka Doncic went up a point to become a 94 OVR in the NBA 2K21 player rating update.

Other players who moved up with Luka and Zion in the rating update are Milwaukee’s Jrue Holiday, Minnesota’s Karl Anthony Towns, and Miami’s Bam Adebayo.

Other players who rate 90 or better in 2K21 include Joel Embiid (94 OVR), Giannis Antetokounmpo (96 OVR), Damian Lillard (94 OVR), and the King, LeBron James (97 OVR).

Celtics’ Brown and Tatum see OVRs decline

Jayson Tatum

Unfortunately, the Boston Celtics have looked far from being the contenders many thought they might be for many seasons. While Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown both made the All-Star team this season, their team sits at sixth in the Eastern Conference. They’re actually in danger of dropping out of the top eight teams, which is a bad sign for this franchise. Tatum dropped to an 89 OVR with Jaylen Brown an 88 OVR in the game.

Other players who dropped are Paul George (88 OVR), Julius Randle (87 OVR), Ben Simmons (86 OVR), and Domantas Sabonis (86 OVR).

All Movers Sorted by OVR:

If you’d like to check out the full list of player changes in this update, you can find them below.

• Luka Doncic: 94 OVR (+1)
• Zion Williamson: 90 OVR (+1)
• Jayson Tatum: 89 OVR (-1)
• Jaylen Brown: 88 OVR (-1)
• Paul George: 88 OVR (-1)
• Bam Adebayo: 88 OVR (+1)
• Karl-Anthony Towns: 88 OVR (+1)
• Russell Westbrook: 88 OVR (+1)
• Julius Randle: 87 OVR (-1)
• Jrue Holiday: 87 OVR (+1)
• De’Aaron Fox: 87 OVR (+1)
• Ben Simmons: 86 OVR (-1)
• Domantas Sabonis: 86 OVR (-1)
• Fred VanVleet: 84 OVR (-1)
• Christian Wood: 84 OVR (-1)
• Michael Porter Jr.: 84 OVR (+1)
• Gordon Hayward: 83 OVR (-1)
• Malcolm Brogdon: 83 OVR (-1)
• Caris LeVert: 82 OVR (-1)
• Wendell Carter Jr.: 82 OVR (+1)
• Evan Fournier: 81 OVR (-2)
• Bobby Portis: 81 OVR (+1)
• Robert Williams: 81 OVR (+1)
• Jalen Brunson: 81 OVR (+1)
• Anthony Edwards: 81 OVR (+1)
• Jusuf Nurkic: 81 OVR (+1)
• Kevin Love: 80 OVR (-2)
• Lauri Markkanen: 80 OVR (-1)
• Danilo Gallinari: 80 OVR (-1)
• Victor Oladipo: 80 OVR (-1)
• R.J. Barrett: 80 OVR (-1)
• Myles Turner: 80 OVR (-1)
• Malik Beasley: 80 OVR (-1)
• Dwight Howard: 80 OVR (+1)
• Tim Hardaway Jr.: 80 OVR (+1)
• Immanuel Quickley: 79 OVR (-1)
• Carmelo Anthony: 79 OVR (-1)
• Shake Milton: 79 OVR (+1)
• Brook Lopez: 79 OVR (+1)
• Marcus Morris Sr.: 79 OVR (+1)
• Devonte Graham: 79 OVR (+1)
• Jakob Poeltl: 79 OVR (+1)
• Rudy Gay: 79 OVR (+1)
• Dario Saric: 79 OVR (+1)
• Darius Garland: 79 OVR (+2)
• Bogdan Bogdanovic: 79 OVR (+3)
• Goran Dragic: 78 OVR (-1)
• Malik Monk: 78 OVR (+1)
• JaMychal Green: 78 OVR (+1)
• Hamidou Diallo: 78 OVR (+1)
• Gary Trent Jr.: 78 OVR (+1)
• James Johnson: 78 OVR (+2)
• Kelly Olynyk: 78 OVR (+4)
• P.J. Washington: 77 OVR (-3)
• James Wiseman: 77 OVR (-2)
• Donte DiVincenzo: 77 OVR (-1)
• Daniel Theis: 77 OVR (-1)
• Josh Richardson: 77 OVR (-1)
• Saddiq Bey: 77 OVR (-1)
• Eric Paschall: 77 OVR (-1)
• Tomas Satoransky: 77 OVR (+1)
• Grayson Allen: 77 OVR (+1)
• Miles Bridges: 77 OVR (+2)
• Moses Brown: 77 OVR (+3)
• Coby White: 76 OVR (-2)
• Ricky Rubio: 76 OVR (-2)
• Xavier Tillman: 76 OVR (-1)
• James Ennis: 76 OVR (-1)
• Trey Burke: 76 OVR (-1)
• Langston Galloway: 76 OVR (-1)
• Tony Bradley: 76 OVR (-1)
• Danny Green: 76 OVR (+1)
• Isaiah Hartenstein: 76 OVR (+1)
• Terance Mann: 76 OVR (+1)
• Onyeka Okongwu: 76 OVR (+1)
• Elfrid Payton: 76 OVR (+1)
• Dwight Powell: 76 OVR (+1)
• Saben Lee: 76 OVR (+1)
• Chuma Okeke: 76 OVR (+4)
• Justise Winslow: 75 OVR (-1)
• Nemanja Bjelica: 75 OVR (-1)
• Talen Horton-Tucker: 75 OVR (-1)
• Avery Bradley: 75 OVR (-1)
• Ty Jerome: 75 OVR (-1)
• Jarred Vanderbilt: 75 OVR (-1)
• Jaylen Nowell: 75 OVR (-1)
• Kent Bazemore: 75 OVR (-1)
• Mohamed Bamba: 75 OVR (+1)
• Drew Eubanks: 75 OVR (+1)
• Taj Gibson: 75 OVR (+2)
• Goga Bitadze: 75 OVR (+2)
• Kira Lewis Jr.: 75 OVR (+2)
• Kenyon Martin Jr.: 75 OVR (+2)
• Juan Hernangomez: 75 OVR (+2)
• Thanasis Antetokounmpo: 75 OVR (+3)
• Jaden McDaniels: 75 OVR (+3)
• Pat Connaughton: 74 OVR (-2)
• Desmond Bane: 74 OVR (-2)
• Kevin Huerter: 74 OVR (-2)
• Al-Farouq Aminu: 74 OVR (-1)
• Payton Pritchard: 74 OVR (-1)
• Tony Snell: 74 OVR (-1)
• Maxi Kleber: 74 OVR (-1)
• Aron Baynes: 74 OVR (-1)
• Devin Vassell: 74 OVR (-1)
• Dean Wade: 74 OVR (+1)
• Terence Davis: 74 OVR (+1)
• Edmond Sumner: 74 OVR (+1)
• Patrick Patterson: 74 OVR (+2)
• Cody Martin: 73 OVR (-2)
• P.J. Dozier: 73 OVR (-2)
• Damion Lee: 73 OVR (-2)
• Chandler Hutchison: 73 OVR (-2)
• Bryn Forbes: 73 OVR (-1)
• Jeff Teague: 73 OVR (-1)
• Denzel Valentine: 73 OVR (-1)
• Luke Kornet: 73 OVR (-1)
• Trevor Ariza: 73 OVR (-1)
• Alex Caruso: 73 OVR (-1)
• Michael Carter-Williams: 73 OVR (-1)
• Facundo Campazzo: 73 OVR (-1)
• Justin Holiday: 73 OVR (-1)
• Sterling Brown: 73 OVR (-1)
• Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk: 73 OVR (-1)
• Jake Layman: 73 OVR (-1)
• R.J. Hampton: 73 OVR (+1)
• Caleb Martin: 72 OVR (-2)
• Furkan Korkmaz: 72 OVR (-1)
• Troy Brown Jr.: 72 OVR (-1)
• Cedi Osman: 72 OVR (-1)
• Matt Thomas: 72 OVR (-1)
• Ben McLemore: 72 OVR (-1)
• Bol Bol: 72 OVR (+1)
• Jordan Nwora: 72 OVR (+2)
• Alize Johnson: 72 OVR (+2)
• D.J. Wilson: 72 OVR (+2)
• Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot: 71 OVR (-1)
• Tyler Johnson: 71 OVR (-1)
• Ryan Arcidiacono: 70 OVR (-1)
• Aaron Nesmith: 70 OVR (-1)
• Sam Merrill: 70 OVR (+2)
• Damyean Dotson: 69 OVR (-2)
• Brodric Thomas: 69 OVR (+3)

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The Memphis Grizzlies suffered a loss the last time they experienced these groups.
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In the subsequent quarter, the Grizzlies fell to eviction, and even at the end of the part, the Pealing led 61-56. In the second part, the script was turned considering that the Pealing leads in mostly all groups, involving all facets of shooting. The Pealing bench is the changer, and even the subsequent video game is 16-10 higher than the Grizzlies bench.

By half the distance, it was clear that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the point player of the superstar Pealing, preserved their setting in this video game considering that he got 27 factors in the part. No person else on the Pealing has more than just seven.

The 3rd quarter looks extremely similar to the 1st quarter considering that both groups' offenses are extremely willing. They each got 34 factors, and even the Pealing lead 95-90. In the 3rd video game, the shooting amount of both groups went over 55%, while the charity shooting amount went over 85%. As far as self defense is involved, there was just one forced substitution throughout the quarter.

For this group, self defense is unquestionably an review. The similar holds true in the lastly quarter. The video game eventually stopped, nevertheless the Pealing won the video game 131-126. Errors late in the video game and even some missed out on shots damaged the Grizzlies' likelihoods of surviving. Jonas Valanciunas is among the most famous pressure of the Grizzlies in the replica.

FAQ: A great guide to Escape from Tarkov for beginners

Escape from Tarkov is a survival shooter. Players are divided into two teams, and the task of each gamer is to find a way out of the location, which is usually located in the opposite part of the map. If you have any questions about Escape from Tarkov, be sure to check out our FAQ. This Escape from Tarkov guide will help first of all those who have not played the game yet.

FAQ: A great guide to Escape from Tarkov for beginners

Which server should a newbie choose?

You can choose any server, as their workload is approximately the same. Try to select servers in your country so that you are less likely to face the consequences of high ping.

How do I know the exit from the level (what outputs are available)?

On each map, there are several places where your character can appear, depending on which exit points are selected. Below we will indicate the location of all exits for different locations, and now you can familiarize yourself with the maps.

How to get out of customs?

A very important point: if you buy a location card (it is sold by the Therapist), you can independently choose the point for the character to appear. The cost of the card is 10,000 roubles. A similar situation for the location Woods.

Spawn 1. There are four potential exits, the closest is next to the hostel. It is called “A-Out at the Dormitory”. Located next to the left wall, can be seen from inside the building. The next exit – “ZB-1011” can be found almost at the very edge of the map. You are interested in the bunker, into which you need to go down. A little further you can find another bunker “ZB-1012”, which is also an exit from the location. Many gamers refer to this as the “Center Exit”. Finally, the fourth exit is farther than the rest. This is the “Old Gas Station”. Go inside the gas station to see a hidden bunker.

Spawn 2. In this case, you find yourself at the opposite end of the location. In this case, there are five exit points at once, but there is one peculiarity: it is not always possible to sail on a smugglers’ boat, and only one person can do it. You don’t have to pay anything, but a boat appears in a random place. As in the first case, the closest exit is “A-Exit at the Dormitory”. Look for it near the brown gate. The checkpoint of the RF Armed Forces is located in an unsafe area. The next point is “Crossroads”, which is located at the intersection of two tracks. There is a gate there. Finally, you can visit Trailer Park, but it is in a dangerous place among the trees in an open area. Other opponents appear here.

Wild. Recently, the game has the ability to control the Wilds. If you choose the Wild one, you will spawn at the opposite point depending on which team you are playing for. Accordingly, the outputs are located in the opposite part of the map. However, there is less time to exit the map when playing as a Wild one, so they randomly appear a little closer than when playing for a regular team. There are more outputs, so we will not focus on this.

How to get out of the Woods?

There is one large building on the Woods map, which many players and the Wilds aspire to. Spawn locations are located on two opposite sides of the map, while the distance between them is small. And this means that when you appear, you need to be extremely careful: if you are on the map later, then the enemy may already be approaching your position. As with customs, when you buy a card from the “Therapist” you can choose the place of appearance.

Spawn number 1. If you are near the house, you can use one of the four exits. The closest thing is South A-Vyhod near the road. You need to find a car with a gate, but this place can be shot by a sniper. To exit, you need to pay 3000 roubles. As soon as you give the money, the countdown will start – 2 minutes. The second point is the ZB-016 bunker, hidden in the thickets. It is more difficult to find, but the way out is the safest. Even further you will find the exit “UN Checkpoint”, but it is used most often. On the opposite side of the checkpoint, you can find the “Gate of the RF Armed Forces”. They are located in open areas, therefore, they are unsafe. But nearby you can find two army boxes.

Escape from Tarkov Outskirts

Spawn number 2. This place is on the opposite side of the map next to the fence. There are three exits, but one of them can only be opened with a key. The closest one is the familiar South A-Exit from the previous point. You pay 3000 roubles and wait 2 minutes. There is a ZB-014 bunker near the fence on the right. It is hidden worse than “ZB-016”: just walk along the fence and look for a stone. but you need a key! The far point is “Outskirts”. You can get there if you walk along the lake.

How to leave the factory?

A popular map, because due to its small size, all gamers appear close to each other.

Spawn for PMCs. At the bottom, under the second staircase, you can leave the area through the Cellars. But the door opens with a key. Another point is Gate 0. They are at the beginning, but again require a key. The exit point “Gate 3” is located further away, near the exit from the main building, where the office is.

Wild. The first point is Gate 3, next to the exit from the main building. The second exit is located in the office.

How to get off the shoreline?

Appearance near the “Customs”. If the spawn point is on the right, then you can use three exit points. If you are near the sanatorium, then the closest exit is at the Pass through the Rocks. A dangerous place full of Wild Ones. If you are near the water, you can use two points: a boat at the pier (but you have to wait 30 seconds) or a far point with a tunnel. Walk forward through the fire truck or left over the mountain.

Appearance near the village. In this case, you appear on the left side of the map. There are a total of four exits. The first is a boat on the dock. The second is behind the rocks, but there will be Wild Snipers. Another exit is located near the checkpoint, a little further along the highway from the boat. The road next to the customs office is the farthest. You can get there along the main road or along the fence past the sanatorium.

How to get out of the roundabout?

Spawn number 1. There is only one exit from the roundabout, and it is at the other end of the map. This is the northwest exit. Look for him under the railway bridge.

Spawn number 2. It is quite logical that in this case, you will find yourself in the opposite part of the location, so the exit above does not function. A functioning outlet is on the opposite side. It is called southeast. There will be several cars in the middle of the road. Behind them is an exit, to the left of it are army tents.

How to leave the Terra Group laboratory?

To enter you will need a key card, and for each exit you will have to complete a specific task. Only after that it will be possible to apply the key card. This is an intricate level, consisting of several parts of the labyrinth, so it will be very difficult to get out of it.

What does “Wild” mean?

The game has two opposing sides, as well as the Wild – characters that can be controlled by bots or players. In the case of players, by controlling the Wilds, they receive free loot, but they do not start the battle from the very beginning of the session.

How do I increase the size of the stash?

To do this, you need to increase the level of the warehouse in the shelter or open the boxes.

How to enlarge the pouch / Where to find the pouch?

A pouch is a separate container in which you can store various items. As you know, if a character dies, you lose everything in your inventory. However, items from the pouch will be preserved.

You cannot increase the capacity of the pouch, but you have the opportunity to find and install more advanced models:

  • Belt bag 2 × 2 (removed from the game).
  • Secure Container Alpha – 2 × 2. You can get it if you have the standard edition of the game or buy it from Myrtle.
  • Secure Container Beta – 3 × 2. Issued with the Prepare for Escape Edition or purchased from the Peacemaker.
  • Epsilon Secure Container – 4 × 2. You need to complete the task “Punisher. Part 6 “.
  • Secure container Gamma – 3 × 3. Awarded for the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition.
  • Protected Kappa Container – 4 × 3. You need to complete the “Collector” quest. However, unloading, weapons, and so on cannot be stored inside. Only regular loot, including jewelry, and containers.
Escape from Tarkov FAQ Guide – Funny image 01

How to increase the download speed?

Use an SSD.

How to play Wilds?

There are many advantages and differences to playing as a Wild man instead of a mercenary. First, all equipment is free and you can escape with it. Secondly, you cannot choose weapons or level up proficiency. Thirdly, all bots (Wild) will not attack you until you shoot them first.

You can get into the game not from the very beginning of the session, but after 15-20 minutes. That is, you find yourself there in the middle of the match. Wilds appear in a wide variety of points, and often much farther from the outskirts of the map (closer to the center). The game allows you to drive the Wild only once every 30 minutes. The cooldown starts after you die or exit the mode.

How to increase FPS?

There are several ways:

  • Install the latest drivers for your graphics card.
  • Press CTRL + Shift + Esc to view the processes in the task manager. If a process consumes too many CPU resources, then disable it if possible.
  • In the game settings, you can turn off the anti-aliasing and post-processing level.

How to build strength?

By pumping your strength, you will receive a huge number of bonuses:

  • Jump height + 1-25%.
  • Loading capacity + 1-50%.
  • Melee Weapon Hit Power + 1-30%.
  • Increase in running speed + 2-100%.
  • Throwing Power Increase + 1-50%.
  • To constantly pump strength, make sure to move around with an overloaded inventory. Stuff the pouch with something heavy and play for fun. Things will not disappear from the pouch, and you will provide yourself with constant overload. You will build strength by running with overload (stamina also increases) by throwing grenades.

How to improve relationships with merchants?

Buying goods and completing their quests.

How to reduce the impact?

To do this, you need to pump the skill “Recoil control”. Depending on its level, you will receive a recoil reduction of 1-30%. All you need to do to level it up is to shoot. Each shot you shoot increases recoil control whether you hit the target or not. If you want to pump faster, then collect cheap ammunition and use a rapid-fire weapon with a silencer (so that no one bothers you). To increase skills by 1 level, you need to make about 1000 shots.

How do I rotate items in the inventory?

Select the item you want, hold LMB and click on the R key.

Which cartridges are best?

It is impossible to give a definite answer, since some N-caliber cartridges can have increased damage, others – slightly less damage, but better penetration. There is a wiki on the Internet with large tables in which you can study and compare the characteristics of the cartridges.

How to fill the canister?

Canisters cannot be filled. You have the option to buy cans of fuel that are already full.

How to run offline?

By choosing any card, you will be able to activate offline mode. To do this, check the box next to the corresponding word.

Escape from Tarkov FAQ Guide – Funny image 02

How to keep items and which items to sell / What items to collect?

In the game, you will find various items. Some should be sold, some should be used, and some should be put off as they come in handy for completing quests. Here are all the items that are needed for the tasks of the Prapor, Peacemaker, Therapist, Mechanic, and Skier:

  • Shotgun MP-133 – 3 pcs.
  • Magazine 6L31 – 6 pcs.
  • Lower half mask – 10 pcs.
  • Knife “Bars A-2607 95 × 18” – 10 pcs.
  • Makarov pistol 9 × 18PM – 10 pcs.
  • Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-74N – 5 pcs.
  • Assault rifle Colt M4A1 – 3 pcs.
  • Stew – 30 pcs.
  • Salewa first aid kit – 5 pcs.
  • Morphine – 20 pcs. (10 each for Therapist and Peacemaker).
  • Gas analyzer – 4 pcs.
  • Spark plug – 8 pcs.
  • Car battery – 4 pcs.
  • Gunpowder – 3 pcs.
  • WD-40 100 ml – 1 pc.
  • Bleach – 3 pcs.
  • Windscreen wiper – 3 pcs.
  • Corrugated hose – 8 pcs.
  • Alkali – 5 pcs.
  • Propane cylinder – 3 pcs.
  • A set of tools – 2 pcs.
  • Power cable – 5 pcs.
  • Tee – 5 pcs.
  • Printed circuit board – 8 pcs.
  • Video card – 10 pcs.
  • Cooler – 5 pcs.
  • Processor – 3 pcs.
  • Battery – 6 pcs.
  • GPhone – 3 pcs.
  • Malboro, Strike, Wilston – 30 pcs. You need 10 packs of cigarettes from different brands!
  • Bullet-proof vest “Module ZM” – 5 pcs.
  • Shotgun TOZ-106 20 caliber – 5 pcs.
  • USB flash drive – 2 pcs.

How to earn money?

First, make sure to use a secure container (pouch), as the items stored inside it will not be lost even if your character dies. Thus, place all valuable items inside the pouch! Keys in the game are the most expensive, but take up inventory space. To store them in the pouch and save its space, it is recommended to use an additional container – a key holder.

There are many expensive items at the “Factory” location. When you appear on it, run to the third floor and look for a room with a safe. Lock up and search the safe. Various keys can be found inside the file cabinets. The most expensive keys will be braided.

How to return the insured items / How does the insurance work?

Before starting any escape, you will be able to select the items you want to insure with Prapor. The cost of insurance directly depends on the value of the item and your relationship with Prapor. You can return things from Prapor after 24-36 hours. It is also possible to insure items with a Therapist. The character will return them after 12-24 hours, but the cost of insurance will be higher.

A very important point: you cannot return insured items if they are removed from the map by another gamer. As soon as the items can be returned, you will see a “Get” button in the chat. Even if you do not have free space, you should not rush and part with other items. Items that are returned under insurance can be obtained at any time during the game.

How to bind phrases?

Y + Y + move the cursor over the desired phrase and press RMB. You will bind a phrase (or gesture) to shortcut keys between F2 and F12 inclusive.

How to restore health?

Use first aid kits and other medications.

How to restore power to the elevator?

To leave the Terra Group laboratory, you must take one of the many exits. Moreover, there are three elevators at once that you can activate. In each case, you will be faced with a simple task – to restore power to the elevator. The freight elevator is located in room G21, and to restore power, you need to go down to the basement G1. The central lift is located in the basement between R6 and R8. To restore his power, go to the room in front of sector R4. The lift for the medical unit is also located in the basement. Look for it between rooms G3 and G4. Power can be restored in room G6.

How do I turn on the flashlight?

Press T or CTRL + T.

How to get out of the raid?

You need to use the available exits. Either buy a card from a Therapist or use our tips above.

Why is a leg injury dangerous?

Any injury to one leg reduces movement speed by 45%. The jump height is also reduced. Running or jumping with an injured leg will only worsen the injury.

How to get the quest?

Open the “Merchants” section, select the desired character and go to the “Quests” tab. If the tasks are not visible, then you either completed all the quests, or they are not yet available to you (for example, a higher level is required). To see completed or unavailable tasks, put a tick in the empty box at the top of the screen.

How do I get my backpack off the ground?

You can only pick up a smaller backpack from the ground that will fit in the backpack currently on the back of the protagonist. In this case, there must still be enough free space. Otherwise, you will only see the Search button.

Escape from Tarkov FAQ Guide – Funny image 03

How to pump health?

Increasing the health level gives a number of bonuses:

  • The chance of a bone fracture is reduced by 1-60%.
  • Energy consumption is reduced by 1-30%.
  • The water consumption is reduced by 1-30%.

By pumping the skill to the maximum, you can absorb damage. The skill will swing automatically. Just participate in raids. There is also one interesting feature: health is pumped in the same ways as strength and endurance, but it happens 2 times slower. You shouldn’t focus on manual pumping.

How do I repair my armor?

Many things can be repaired in the game. To do this, you will have to turn to one of two characters: Skier or Prapor. Each subsequent repair reduces the overall efficiency of the item. But one of the characters will repair it better than the other. The skier charges more money, but the overall power loss will be lower.

How to open the Huntsman?

To open the Huntsman’s tasks, you need to complete the “Assignment” quest from the Mechanic.

How do I split ammo?

To do this, use the CTRL key.

How to unfold the bipod?

With the help of bipods, you can increase the effectiveness of the weapon. use the Alt + L keys to unfold or fold the bipod.

How does armor work / How is damage calculated?

To protect yourself during raids, you can use body armor and helmets. Usually, body armor only protects the chest / stomach, but some additionally absorb damage to the arms (for example, 6B43). In the “Character” menu, click on the “Protected Areas” command to see what you have protected. As for helmets, they are different in size and only protect the parts that they cover.

When a bullet hits the armor, a calculation is triggered, which takes into account the caliber, types of ammunition, and protection. Thus, bullet damage will be inflicted in full only if you hit an unprotected area of ​​the body. If the bullet hits the armor, the comparison is triggered. Not all bullets can penetrate Class III armor. In addition, even if the armor was pierced, health damage will be reduced by N percent.

How do I open the Peacemaker?

To gain access to the tasks of the Peacemaker, complete the Skier quest “Friend from the West. Part 2”.

How do I lower the visor of my helmet?

The N key is used as for a night vision device.

How to distinguish a Wild from a bot?

By motion. If you killed him, you can search the body. If there is a section with a pouch, then the Dikim was controlled by a real player. For bots, the pouch is not even displayed.

How to open a flea market?

To open this trading platform, you need to pump your character to level 5.

How do I open a card?

A map of some locations can be purchased from the Therapist.

How do I turn on the generator?

You need plastic and metal cans with gasoline, which are lying around in workshops or in car trunks.

How to open a car in the woods?

You need a Yotota car key. In this case, you will be able to open a car of the same name, standing at the location “Forest”. It is located near wooden huts. However, it is of little use, since one random little thing will lie inside the car.

Where can I find a housekeeper?

Visit “Customs” or “Shore”. You will most likely find the housekeeper on the third floor of the hostel at the “Customs”, but for this you need to open the door to the Marked room. You will need a key of the same name. Search corpses, drawers in offices, dig in the trash and soon you will find a key marked with a symbol. Then go to the hostel and search room # 314 on the third floor.

Where can I find a gas analyzer?

Search boxes, bags and backpacks in any location. Comes across randomly.

Where can I find a gamma container?

Buy the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition or trade / redeem from another person.

Escape from Tarkov FAQ Guide – Funny image 04

Where to find nails?

Any industrial area. For example, an OLI store at Interchange or warehouse shelves at Berega.

How to exchange dollars for roubles?

There are several monetary units in the game, with EFT roubles being the main ones. However, the Peacemaker offers a lot of equipment for dollars and the Mechanic for euros and even bitcoins. The current exchange rate may change depending on the released patches and updates. At the time of this writing, it was as follows:

  • $ 1 = 96 roubles.
  • 1 euro = 115 roubles.
  • 1 bitcoin = 90,873 roubles.

Where can I get the card?

At the Therapist.

Where can I find the battery?

Go to the roundabout and visit the OLI and Goshan store. Also explore the various industrial areas and premises.

Where can I find a corrugated hose?

Similar to nails (see above).

Where can I find a gold watch?

Visit the Cote d’Azur sanatorium or any other object where jewelry may appear. There is a possibility of finding a watch in the safe.

Where can I find a protective container?

Above we examined this point in the question of pouches.

Where can I find skier sticks?

There are several places where the likelihood of flash drives appearing is higher than in other points. But keep in mind that we are talking about some kind of probability, and not about a guaranteed finding of the item! Thus, you can visit the camp with tents in the Forest, behind the sawmill. As soon as you find the item, move it to the pouch so as not to lose it.

Where can I find water?

You can get it for completing the quest “Operation Aquarius”.

Where can I find graphics cards?

There is a small chance that you will find a video card inside computers (system units). It is best to visit electronics stores – “Techno” or Techlight.

Where can I find a Salewa first aid kit?

Search medical bags and drug spills.

Where can I find an antique teapot?

Points where various jewelry appears.

Where to find gunpowder?

A rare item that, however, is generated in a wide variety of places.

Where can I find a document tablet / Where can I find docks?

The tablet has 16 slots for money, keys and key cards. Moreover, it takes up only 2 slots in a regular backpack or pouch. You can find the tablet or “Docks” in the Marked One’s room. He can also appear at the gas station of the “Customs” location. Pay attention to the table at the entrance. The tablet can be obtained after completing the mission Prapor “Punisher. Part 5 “.

Where can I find a processor?

Inside computers or electronics stores.

Where can I find the bundle of wires?

Industrial plots and premises, OLI store.

Where can I find the Reshal?

The solver can be found at the “Customs” location. He, along with his fellow Zavodskoy, can visit a hostel, a new gas station or a checkpoint at a military base.

Where can I find a watch on the instructions of the ensign?

Where jewels appear.

Where can I find the figurines?

Exhibition pavilions “Interchanges”. Search jackets, bags, filing cabinets, and so on. Any points where jewelry appears (for example, the Cote d’Azur sanatorium). There is also a chance to find figurines in safes.

Where to find self-tapping screws?

In factories and industrial workshops.

Where can I find morphine?

Spawn locations for medications.

Where to find beard oil?

Visit the IDEA hypermarket at the Interchange location. Usually located near the ticket office.

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Where can I find the tools?

Any boxes, filing cabinets, and so on. It can also be found in the Wild’s backpack or in the places where jewelry spawns. There is a chance to find it in the toolbox. These are available at the hydroelectric power station.

Where can I find Tetris?

In a laboratory or places where jewelry appears.

Where can I find a bronze watch?

Where jewelry appears.

Where can I find Bitcoin?

In places where valuable items appear (the Cote d’Azur sanatorium, etc.), inside safes, in Dikikh’s bags or backpack.

Where can I get VSS?

Can be found or traded with Prapor.

Where to get paracord?

Search the Dicks’ sports bags, jackets and corpses.

Where can I get gasoline?

Look for full canisters – plastic or metal.

What is Marked with a Curse?

In offline mode, if you are marked with a curse, then all the Wild ones know where you are and will try to finish you off.

What does the red card reveal?

Visit the security room in the laboratory to open the arsenal room.

What are headphones for?

You will be better able to hear any sounds, including rustling, stamping feet, and so on. Rarer headphones drown out the noise of the shooting.

What are cigarettes for?

They are bought by merchants, but they are also needed for the Mechanic quests.

What to do with tokens?

By killing players during raids, you can get tokens. Depending on the level and type of tokens, you can exchange them for different things from merchants. Look for information in various wikis.

What does “improve to European” mean?

The ability to launch the game from anywhere in the world.

What does “run through” mean?

Fast passage of the raid, in which you did not loot anything and did not kill anyone.